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Welcoming Max to Wargames Atlantic!

Welcoming Max to Wargames Atlantic!

I am pleased to welcome Max McDougall as our new Digital Products Manager (or what we call internally the Arcane Artifact Steward)! 

Max has been involved with Wargames Atlantic for several years. First as a moderator of the Facebook Group and later as a retailer of our products through his store McDougall Designs

Max is a formally trained historical researcher holding a bachelor's degree from the University of Central Florida. He was involved in the research behind some of our best-selling plastic sets like the Aztecs and Conquistadors and making sure the British Riflemen met regulations! 

A little over five years ago Max delved into the world of 3D printing and sold printed models through McDougall Designs. He also taught himself how to support and blend 3D files and has been published in Wargames Soldiers and Strategy magazine discussing 3D printing. 

Max's new role (and a newly created role for us) is to lead the development and management of all our Atlantic Digital products along with managing the relationships and products of third party publishers and creators. He will be managing not only the Atlantic Digital area on our site but also MyMiniFactory and our Tribes programs along with our products on that are printed versions of the files. 

“I think 3D printing is the next step in wargaming, or at the very least it is pointed in the right direction. I applaud Wargames Atlantic for being the first major plastics producer to offer 3D printed file-sets, and look forward to charting new ground in the hobby industry alongside Hudson and the team.”

Welcome Max!

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