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Well this is embarrassing!

Well this is embarrassing!

In the mad rush to make our boxes Brexit compliant last year we redesigned each and every one of them over the course of a couple days. The ones that were needed at the time were rushed off to the factory for printing and the others went into the "Final Box Design" folder. 

Lurking, hidden in that folder, was the wrong version of the Dark Ages Irish box. And then we did another reprint of the Irish! The designer missed it, we missed it, our man in China missed it, and because it was just a reprint everyone involved in printing and packing missed it, and now some of these are out in the wild! 

As you can see a placeholder layer of graphic designer Latin text ended up on the back of the box (the front is fine) and there was some text switched out on the bottom and with the bar code. We've had some labels printed with the correct text to put on top of these but you may see (or have already received) a box like this. 

If you do have one you are in possession of the very first Wargames Atlantic Collectors Item™ (LOL probably not!)

We are having the correct boxes printed to ship with our next new releases and will be happy to swap them out for you. Most folks aren't too worried about the box and just want the figures but if you'd like one just let us know. 

The Great Irish Box Fiasco of 2020-2021 will hopefully be the last box fiasco! Sorry for the mix-up and thanks for your understanding.

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Björn S. - August 16, 2021

Got one of them. Maybe I should save the box and sell it in 20 years for profit, haha.

Mac Coxhead - April 18, 2021

You also weirded out on the contents – 32 Multipart Hard Plastic 28mm figures; which is somewhere between the 30 human figures or 40 figures including the dogs…

Y. Whateley - April 17, 2021

You sure that isn’t some sort of weird, Dark-Ages necromantic spell those Pagan Irish rascals are casting? :) It’s reminding me a bit of “Bedknobs and Broomsticks” :D

Tom Kennish - April 17, 2021

A little bit of Lorem Ipsum never hurt anyone.

ANDREW LAWTON - April 16, 2021

No problem if your Roman :)

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