We're About to Turn 3 and We're Celebrating All Week!

We're About to Turn 3 and We're Celebrating All Week!

Time sure does fly! 3 years ago we were launching the site and getting ready to take the first orders for Skeletons and Raumjäger! And here we are, three years, a pandemic, a couple wars, coup attempts, and a major move of manufacturing from China to the US! And we're still standing! 

As we come up on this milestone (which is actually next Friday March 25th), we want to celebrate with all of you!

1. We're going to be running some contests to give away free plastic next week. We'll tell you how to enter Monday!

2. We're going to put a new set on pre-order EVERY DAY next week (Monday-Friday) That's five new sets. 

3. And of course we're going to show off some new sets we're working on. 

So hold fast and get ready for a big week with us! 

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John Eveson - March 27, 2022

So when do we hear about the contests then?? Been checking in daily in anticipation.

H M - March 23, 2022

Happy Birthday! And congrats on the success and manufacturing move!

Russell B - March 21, 2022

Happy Birthday. I’m a big fan of this company and hope for many more to come. You’ve got my hobby dollars.

James C - March 21, 2022

Checking in for day 1.

Congratulations and happy birthday, here’s to an awesome future!

John Eveson - March 21, 2022

Wait, is it this monday (today) it starts?

Red Bee - March 21, 2022

Checking in for day one!

Aidan Donaghy - March 21, 2022

Happy Birthday🎂
Excellent range of figures covering many periods and great value.

John Eveson - March 21, 2022

Happy Birthday!! Thanks for the great minis, you have made my 40k Guard army a reality and not just a never attainable dream, now wheres me mounted Halflings??? I need some pint sized Deathriders for my Krieg!!

Berggeit - March 21, 2022

Congrats! And a thank you to the WGA team!

Travis Johnson - March 20, 2022

Happy birthday to the people’s game workshop! HAW HAW HAW!! See what I did there?

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