Why Isn't This in Plastic?

Why Isn't This in Plastic?

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Brian Van De Walker - July 20, 2020

My main vote was Ancient/three kingdoms China. That said there tons of other conflicts in Asia that would make good plastic set fodder particularly from the European encounters 17th-19th century, the mongol invasions, and that madman’s march in the late Bronze/Early Iron age, though many of the cooler conflicts are obscure topics here in the west such as the conflicts of Korea’s Three Kingdom period which involved the Han,Tang, Khitian (steppe nomads living in I think Manchuria at the time) and even the pre-samurai Japanese.

Another good example is the Trịnh–Nguyễn Civil War that rocked 17th century Vietnam from 1627 to 1672 or the Dutch Trading company wars and you don’t hear much about them, but they would be great fodder for war gaming if only more people knew about it (cries).

My gripping aside, I think your Imperial Conquests and Great Wars range are actually hitting some needed gap fills, and I would love to see more dual use VSF stuff like the previewed Gurkha particularly if you guys did 19th century German Expedition Troops and their allies that way (though FFL and Sepoy troops with VSF bits would be cool too).

Carl - July 17, 2020

I love all the current minis can’t wait to see what comes next.

Pete Rixon - July 17, 2020

David, has Wargames Atlantic considered doing 5 a side or 10 a side per box? What I mean is, there are now SO many categories your customer base wants, most of us will not see what we want manufactured in a timely space, hence many of us will be disappointed with the decisions made. So, instead of a box of JUST 20 x Foreign Legion for a fixed period for example, why not a box that has 10 x multi-part foreign legion and 10 x multi part Magreb adversaries for the 1930’s? No one in 28mm plastic has ever had the courage to include both sides in a box. In the survey I just completed, had every category offered given me that option, I for one would have bought every box offered. Your thoughts?

Terry Watson - July 17, 2020

I like the look of your miniatures.

russell mccaughan - July 17, 2020

Hi foreign legion set with a machine gun and crew to go against the Arab set would be great

David Cook - July 17, 2020

Foreign Legion with later sets of Rif and Vietnamese/Black Flags

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