Why Wait? Day 5! Bulldogs!

Why Wait? Day 5! Bulldogs!

The new team for Death Fields: Bulldogs! 

In the far future, there are many suns that never set on the British Empire or at least on the Imperial sons and daughters that make up the Bulldogs team. One of the stars of the Death Fields Circuit, the Bulldogs is a combined team formed from abductees taken from the shadow of Isandlwana, the banks of the Somme, and the streets of Arnhem.

This 24 figure set gives you four head types including gas mask versions. Weapon options include the standard rifle but also smgs, lmgs, plasma, flamers, and grenade launchers! Get your pre-order in now to reserve yours

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David Jenkins - March 31, 2022

I was disappointed that the bearskins heads were not included with this set. I was looking forward to making some Grenadier Guards.
Maybe in an upgrade sprue?

Ryan - March 28, 2022

Darn the necks dont look like they fit the heads from the Rifleman kit, thats a bummer.

Admiral Czar - March 27, 2022

This set looks great I already pre-ordered some myself and I love the adittion of the teacups and the revolvers but I am quite baffled at the removal of the rocket launcher, flamethrowers, shotguns and the (aparent) lack of enough backpacks for all models, only half having them.

We know that there are plans for a death fields game in the future, and certain guns like the SMG-looking one, and the lewis gun might have rules, but for now, the death fields sets seem to be marketed (and mostly bought) by people using them as proxy for… another certain tabletop game and in that game the newly added guns have zero compatibility rules wise, whereas the removed ones fit almost perfectly. I understand the removal of the rocket launcher, reserved for a future kit like with the Grognards, but as it stands, I dont think I can find any use out of the new guns and, if having to chose, I would prefer weapons that adapt to the actual game I want to use them for and backpacks for all models. Alas, pretty excited for the models still, but not a trend i´d like to see with new Death fields kits

Barry - March 26, 2022

Love your products, I owen several already and am planning to get more when finances allow, but I have to tell you, when it came to the space brits, you didn’t just drop the ball, you spiked it into the ground.

I saw the original designs you sho0wed for them and they were great, looked like easy to paint uniforms and great looking weapons…..

However, I now see you took out the shotguns…strike 1,
you took out the heavy flamethrowers…strike 2,
and finally, you took out the bazookas…strike 3,
and you replaced all of those with a tea cup.
What you were thinking I have no idea.

And finally to put the nails in the coffin, you added more details to the figures, so people like me that aren’t that good at painting details, and I know there are more of us then there are talented artists good at that sort of thing. So this is just my personal opinion but I think you may have cost yourselves more sales doing that then what you would have made off them.

Red Bee - March 26, 2022

Is it wrong to want a set for the tea cup alone? The rest is rad as well, but that tea cup is perfection

Red Bee - March 26, 2022

Is it wrong to want a set for the tea cup alone? The rest is rad as well, but that tea cup is perfection

Ronald - March 25, 2022

They are awesome!!

Viktor Sharov - March 25, 2022

Hello from Ukraine! Thank you for your anti-Russian sanctions! After our victory, I will definitely buy a pair of your sets.

Peter Baysdell - March 25, 2022

This is what “Awesome” looks like, my friends.

John Eveson - March 25, 2022

Now I can do a Brit themed regiment for my Guard. Nice.

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