Work Continues on Poll Winning Sets - Now Aztecs

Work Continues on Poll Winning Sets - Now Aztecs

A couple weeks ago we ran a poll to see which pair of opponents you would like to see done as plastic sets. Conquistadors and Aztecs took the prize. We previously showed some work being done on the Conquistador sculpts, but now we can show the first Aztec. Please visit the Wargames Atlantic Legion group on Facebook to discuss.

Here are two views of a Jaguar Warrior:


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Brendan Flynn - June 10, 2021

There are numerous troop types needed for Aztecs, of which the Jaguar warriors are probably the best known. It would be great to see Eagle warriors, Cayman warriors, Coyote warriors, Cuachic, Ontonin, Huexatec, and other suit warriors (all with a smattering of atlatl armed warriors as well as the usual weapons), and of course a box set of slingers, and a few archers, and other Aztec novices.

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