WW1 Germans En Route

WW1 Germans En Route

The WW1 Germans are en route to our warehouses in the US, UK, and Australia. Customs clearance and transitions from boat to land will add some time to the journeys but here are our estimates to have them in each warehouse:

The Container to the USA has been offloaded from the boat and onloaded to the train to Atlanta. That train is expected to depart tomorrow and arrive in Atlanta around the 26th of June. Assume a few more days for everything to be in place with Bridge Fulfillment in Marietta, Georgia.
The boat to Australia is getting closer to landfall in Sydney which is estimated to be on the June 26th. Expect a few more days between offloading, customs clearance, and delivery to Aetherworks.
Last but not least the boat to the UK is rounding India en route to the Suez canal and onto Southport. The estimated arrival is July 4 with another few days for customs clearance and final delivery to Sarissa.
Things seem to be moving along nicely and everyone with a pre-order should have their Germans in hand (barring the ongoing local postal disruptions from Covid) in early July.
Get your Germans here:
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