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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


British Infantry (1916-1918)

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This hard plastic set allows you to build up to 30 British infantry equipped for World War One and somewhat suitable for the lead up to World War Two.

A selection of hat and helmet types allow you to model for both in the trenches, the sands of Arabia, for early war and officers, and with gasmasks. Lee Enfield rifles, Webley pistols, Lewis guns, grenades, and trench clubs give you a wide range of weaponry to choose from. God Save the King and Protect the Empire!

There are six sprues in each box

Models require assembly and painting. Bases are not included. Items may not exactly match the photos.

  • Sculpting: Gia Huy
  • Illustration: Peter Dennis
  • Figure Painting: Matthew Leahy
  • Research: Wayne Peter Bollands

Big Gerry at On Table Top has a comprehensive review along with some build tips - have a watch here: 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
peter kelly
great set of flexible troops

Great set of figures again very flexible can be used to represent troops in late imperial Britain or the western front soldiers in full kit of WW1 and even Ireland easter uprising and subsequent war of independence. You can do all sots of scenarios for both wargamer or diorama maker with this set


It‘s awesome!..
I was unlucky to receive the box with a missed frame. Just I wrote to support as the frame was sent on the same day! I got it almost immediately. It’s impossible! I‘m impressed very much. Thank you!

Andrew Cullen

First off the kit looks great and some of the built models I’ve seen look fantastic, having built many figures from various other brands over the year and when these went out for pre order I had to get some as I had heard good things on wargames Atlantic. However this kit isn’t the easiest even with around 20 years worth of experience. Hard to work out what goes with what, a lot of the pieces are hard to remove from the spru without breaking then when you do get them off hard to know what goes with what. Hoping the other boxes aren’t like this as this had put me right off.

Kurt E
Some great models but frustrating overall

Overall, I found this kit quite frustrating. There are some great models in here but the lack of assembly instructions for the weapon arms in particular is infuriating. For example, you'll have a left arm and gun labeled "2A" and "2B" but there is no matching right arm. You have to guess between the available right arms that aren't labeled and many of them just don't work. Still, I think this kit makes useful bits for other models but you'll struggle to use all the pieces...some don't seem to fit anywhere.

Cameron Cast

Got a box of these bad boys as a gift and I couldn't be more impressed. When I assembled a few of them, I noticed that these are very close to (if not actually being) true scale 1:56 which is awesome. The amount of parts makes this great for kitbashing as well. With said parts I was able to kitbash this kit with the WWI French Infantry kit to make some really good looking steampunk soldiers. All in all, an excellent kit.