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Partisans (1) French Resistance

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1940. France is occupied by the Germans and the Vichy government does Hitler’s bidding. In the cities and throughout the countryside, brave bands of French men and women work together to slow the Nazi war machine. Air drops of supplies, weapons, and communication gear by Allied forces help keep France in the fight.

This hard plastic box set allows you to build up to 32 partisans equipped with rifles, grease guns, MP-38/40s, Bren guns, Sten guns, grenades, pistols, and more. The set also includes a wide variety of head types to allow for use in other theaters and conflicts. 

Models require assembly and painting. Bases are not included. Not for Children. Contents may vary from photos.

  • Sculpting: Thieu Duong
  • Illustration: Peter Dennis
  • Figure Painting: Matthew Leahy

Big Gerry of On Table Top provides a comprehensive review along with build tips and ideas: 


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
French partisans resistance group

Very well-made a lot of equipment civilian clothing looks good various weapons A+

Jess G
This kit is a canvas of possibilities!

I’ve used this kit for every project other than it’s intended use. I’ve turned these guys into Gangsters, Cowboys, Pulp Adventurers, Dieselpunk goons, and more! They’re fantastic base models for civilians, coal miners, and the list goes on. Because these kits are soundly in the middle of the 28mm scale, they take to many arm and head swaps with minimal conversion work. I’ve used so many of these guys at this point, if I were to make a Partisan force, I’d need another box!

Lovely set

This is a great box not only for WW2 but you can us them for steam punk as well they look great with deathfeilds arms but also anything pulp fiction as well. The many options are great and they all look so good was even able to make Indiana from one of them.

Great for the price, with an unfortunate tendency to fall apart

I absolutely love these models, particularly at discounted price. I proooobably own more of them than I will ever use unless they make their way into the early 1970s Northern Ireland campaign I'm always saying I'm going to organize. The detail is really nice, and the scarves in particular are the kind of bit that's made its way onto a lot of other models. If I had to make one criticism, it's that they don't seem to take plastic glue well for whatever reason... no matter how carefully I store mine, they keep losing arms and bases! It could be the type of plastic used, which definitely feels a bit different to my models from other companies, it could be the relatively small contact points, though equally it might just be a curse placed on me specifically.

Excelent and problematic

I have obtained box of the partisans recently and have had total blast assembling them. Especially as the bodies seem to fit well enough with parts from other boxes both from Wargames Atlantic and some other companies. However, single complaint I do have so far is the Bren gun included on the sprue. Namely, the way it is cast makes the tip of the barrel susceptable to breakage when being removed from the rest of the sprue due to very thin barrel attached to rather thick feeder. With full care, it took me 3 attempts to remove one without breaking off the barrel. Looking forward to seeing how they paint up though.