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Death Fields Weapons Upgrade Sprue 001

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This sprue can be used to add alternate head and weapon options to your Death Fields troops...or to convert your historical/fantasy models to sci-fi. 

Sprue Contents (40 total parts): 

6 x Pickelhaube gasmask heads with separate air units

6 x laser rifle right arms

6 x bayonets

5 x autogun/shotgun right arms

6 x long-sleeved left arms

3 x bio-prosthetic left arms

2 x pistol right arms

Models require assembly and painting. Bases are not included. Product contents may vary from photos.

Sculpting: Thieu Duong

Product Code: WAADFS01


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Andy M.
Excellent upgrade sprue

Some minor issues for me like the lack of a support weapon but overall a great addition for every kitbasher

Not perfect but the fact these exist bumps this up to four stars

Essentially some of the guns on the sprue is in weird positions so the long guns are in like a 1 hand position. Some of the hands of it also doesnt align perfect. However dont let this review fool you it does it job giving your death fields miniatures some flavor and/or you want to make your historical miniatures some form of sci fi twist even if its just the weapons like they advertised. Being able to kitbash with other model lines is a big strength of this.

Wish I bought more

Honestly wish I bought more when I grabbed the sprue originally. Nice variety of different bits for kitbashing here.

I really wish they'd produce more upgrade sprues like this.

Brian Sinclair
An affordable sprue for adding flavor.

This set gives us a couple more weapon options with Cannon Fodder sleeves, some knives/bayonets, augmetic left hands, and some gas mask heads. I find the weapons and the arms most useful for conversions, getting more out of the Cannon Fodder troops. The helmets have a very specific look that I am less fond of, but the gas masks and hoses are useful for conversions if you don’t mind some cutting. The arms also look great on Wargames Atlantic’s WW1/2 miniatures, so the sprue offers an affordable way to make sci Fi or post apocalypse troops from your spare historical minis.

Josh Toman
Very cool concept

Wish there were more upgrade sprues out there, this kit is worth it for the gas masks heads alone.