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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


25mm Dual Use Bases

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These are a new kind of 25mm round base that has been designed to work with figures that have either an integral “puddle” base or flat feet. One side has a 23mm x 1mm indented recess so that figures with puddle bases will have their feet flush with the edge and eliminate that “standing on a hill” look. The other side is flat for figures which will have their feet glued directly to the base. These bases have a low 2mm profile to blend well with the tabletop and there is also a 3mm x 1mm hole to add a magnet for secure storage or for use with a movement tray. 60 bases per box.

Models require assembly and painting.

Designed by Rob Macfarlane

Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
John Martin
A very useful box

I love these bases. I hope we'll see different sizes added to the range.

Well-priced and very functional

They work well! They're just thick enough that a model on a puddle base will be brought up exactly to be on par with a model on a 3mm base. They come off the sprue very cleanly and take minimal cleanup.

Chris S
Easily my best WGA purchase

These bases are incredible! They take out so much work when it comes to models with integrated bases, and provide great surface area to adhere the model to. The option to pop magnets into them is icing on top: letting you store them securely in a magnetic case. As someone who plays Frostgrave they are also the perfect thing to build spell tokens out of (for things like explosive rune or wizard eye) when used in conjunction with magnet friendly terrain!

Martin Cloutier
Great option!

These bases are perfect, whether you have figures with integral puddle bases or without, you just simply have the perfect result. If you have an integral base to hide, use the recessed side to hide it in your basing material; otherwise use the other, flat side and your figure will sit flush with the terrain. The chance to add a magnet is just great (just have to find me some 3mm magnets now...)!

Scott Beil
A solid base to start from

Finally no need to order from over seas to get some simply perfect bases. These base look simple at first then you look a bit closer. The slight lip and magnet hole, perfect!