Peter Dennis Persian Standards

Peter Dennis of Osprey and Paperboys fame has produced a lovely downloadable and printable sheet of Persian standards. These will allow you to identify your units or create a command stand by using a spear arm and attaching the finished standard to the spear.

Just Click the Image Above to Download the Full Resolution Sheet

The instructions couldn't be simpler:

1. Click on the image above to see a larger, full resolution image for download.

2. Print in color. Every printer is different, we've found that printing at 10% will result in a scale that matches the 28mm figures. You may need to test print size to get it the way you want.

3. Cut the standard you want off the main sheet.

4. Fold and glue lining up the front and the back.

5. Carefully trim around the standard to remove any white showing at the edges.

6. Glue onto the front of the spear you've chosen.

The black and white one in the top right can be used as is or colored however you like.

We hope you enjoy them and look forward to seeing your painted armies!