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Abducted from their longship on the return voyage from a raid on Wessex, these Norsemen’s new owner settled them on a high gravity world and began their training for the Death Fields circuit. After each battle as wounds miraculously healed and even the dead were brought back to life, the warriors thought of themselves as the fabled Einherjar - the ghostly warriors of Valhalla who fight and die each day and are reborn to feast each night. Over the centuries, their ongoing regeneration while living primarily on their high-gravity homeworld has resulted in stunted growth for themselves and their offspring. Their diminished stature in no way effects their prowess on the fields of battle as they win contest after contest against other teams human and otherwise.

This hard plastic box set includes enough components to outfit 24 Einherjar warriors with weapons like standard rifles, grenade launchers, plasma and flame weapons, shotguns, and even axes and shields.

Models require assembly and painting. Bases are not included. Product contents may vary from photos.

  • Sculpting: Rob Macfarlane
  • Illustration: Diego Gisbert Llorens
  • Figure Painting: Matthew Leahy

Big Gerry of On Table Top takes a close look at the Einherjar with a comprehensive review and build: 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
James Morgan
love my wee dudes

great kit with excellent conversion bits


These space dwarfs are amazing! high quality and they look great I even managed to make a few none space looking dwarfs out of them. 24 models is a lot in one box for the price which is also awesome compared to other dwarfs on the market. lots of hand options as well although is would have liked a few more options for left hands or one hand options. Also I know that 24 is a lot but I feel like you could remove a couple arms and add another body in there. But all in all very very happy with this set.

Everything in one box

I've gotten great use out of these guys. Some of them have gone into my fantasy dwarves wholesale, some have contributed heads, axes and shields. Some have been straight up space dwarves and the bits have also added to my Necromunda pile.

In terms of scale they fit very well with the Oathmark dwarves to add some variety to your units.

Probably best sci-fi dwarves on the market now

I just build and paint my models, but the set have a lot of options to make every Einharjar warrior special in some way. They're in interesting scale, making them significantly smaller than humans of other WA lines (duh), but in comparison to other brands they come rather thin and nicely proportioned. There comes the issue, since it was hard to me to find any potential parts that would fit to them nicely. Other issue I had was very limited amount of poses, especially of the body. All are at the ready and there are only three of them per frame. Hopefully the command&support frame will be help in that.
Aside of that, set is wonderful - models are kept simple, but with enough details to make them interesting and very easy to customize (as other reviews pointed, they can be gun-welding vikings or like in my case, a completely modern unit). Their melee weapons are few but nicely sculpted and the shield per 3 soldiers is a nice touch. I love simple, down to earth rifles, though flamethrower or plasma weapon could get a little more bling, but they're well equipped with various items and communication set (again one per 3 soldiers) which is great.

Harlan Crichton
Space Dawi!

Got these guys to run a scions kill team. They were so fun to build and paint. I was able to get a Deathwatch and chaos legionaries out of this box. I also loved the amount of beards in the box. I built some grizzled veteran operators for Zona Alfa.