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Goblin Warband

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The ancient enemy of the Free Kingdoms, the Goblin tribes are a constant threat. In normal times, the threat can be dealt with tribe by tribe by the warriors and militia of the High Queen, but recently there have been whisperings that some powerful warlord has begun to conquer and unite the tribes. Folk fear that this can only mean that War will soon stalk all the lands.

This hard plastic box set allows you to field up to 30 Goblin warriors with options for spear, bow, and a variety of nasty hand weapons. A huge number of heads and other bits creates immense variety. Also, when paired with WAACF003 GIANT SPIDERS the goblins can be converted to spider cavalry.

Models require assembly and painting. Bases are not included. Product contents may vary from photos.

  • Sculpting: Thieu Duong
  • Illustration: Peter Dennis
  • Figure Painting: Matthew Leahy

Big Gerry of On Table Top dives into the Goblins with a comprehensive review and build ideas! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Joshua Shlemmer
Exactly what I was looking for.

Good deal and had the options I was looking for, no complaints.

Solid goblin horde!

This is a solid kit for those wanting goblin skirmishers (spears/bows). Weapon choices are relatively limited otherwise, though there are some axes, maces, etc. in there, and a good mix of head styles. Components are up to WGA's usual high standards. I do wish the bodies in particular were a bit more modular, to allow for greater kitbashing. The bodies are mostly one-piece, the only exceptions being torso/legs combos intended for spider riders (though the legs are usable as "wide stance" for standing figures). But overall, really good goblins to lay waste to the countryside.

Robert Mastrud
1/4 sized Company Worthy of Mordor

"Whether your planning for conquest or just a simple get quick rich raid me and my 29 Goblin Friends are looking for work. 6 of us recently received our spider riding license so if you have spiders handy we would be able to support your cavalry. You can hire us for 1 gold and 16 Copper per head plus transportation to your camp.

All inquiries for hire can be made at the Red Eye Pub Moria. Ask for Grogmog the Great"

In all seriousness the only thing I wish was in this box would be a banner or flag. The Cavalry saddles I have made fit on some wolves for Warg Riders. I do want to get some spiders for my left over riders to ride though.

A great set for my Mordor Army that fits with the Warlord Games set.


Great for for adding in flavour when Kitbashing MESBG orcs, Northstar kits, and all sorts of historical kits to make a truly diverse orc (or Goblin) Horde.

Goblin rush!

Overall a nice kit, but with too few options for my taste: not enough swords/maces (the kit is meant for building archers/spaermen).

Love the variety of heads and the option to combine the kit with the spider one to make spider rider!

The model scale up really well with goblins from other range.