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Goth Warriors

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As the Romans tried to hold their Empire together, a new threat emerged from the East: the Goths! Fleeing the growing power of the Huns, these Germanic tribes became allies and enemies of Rome and eventually sacked the great city itself.

This hard plastic set allows you to build up to 30 Goth Warriors with spear, sword, sling, axe, and bow along with standards and the option to create full command from each sprue. The warriors are all unarmored but can be combined with WAALR001 Late Roman Legionaries (1): Lorica Hamata and WAALR005 Late Roman Legionaries (2): Lorica Squamata) to build superior armored warriors. The entire Decline and Fall range is designed to mix and match from the various sets to create a huge variety of styles. You will also be able to pair this box to provide up to six units-worth of command for our upcoming ARMY BUILDER set WAALR004 DARK AGE WARRIORS! And look for more sets in the range to come including cavalry.

Models require assembly and painting. Bases are not included.

  • Sculpting: Rob Macfarlane
  • Illustration: Peter Dennis
  • Figure Painting: Matthew Leahy

Made in the USA

Big Gerry of On Table Top takes a comprehensive look at the set along with build ideas: 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Chris S
More versatile than you would think!

This kit has so many options and kitbashes beautifully with similarly scaled kits to produce some really great results. The detailing on the clothing and weapons is quite universal…meaning you can build all sorts of fun loving folks. I personally use them for Frostgrave combining them with Fireforge Almughavars to make some exceptional skirmishing minis. An A+ purchase

Unable to build slingers

I bought these in order to build a unit of slingers and make the left over figures into archers. Unfortunately all the left arms on the sprue, (except the 3 holding bows, and 1 pointing), have been flattened in order to affix the shield which is flat on the reverse side.
This means there are no non deformed left arms to make the slinger figures.

Must have dark age set

I've built so many of these figures. They're a perfect catch all dark ages set and can be combined with several other WGA sets to expand your options. With one box of these Goths and one box of the Late Roman Legionaries one can play the vast majority of factions from Saga: Age of Invasions and port over into quite a few of the Age of Vikings factions.

Most versatile plastic Dark Agescfigures on the market!

I wish I could give this box more than 5 stars!! With all of the many poses, heads, and weapons, you can create just about any Dark Ages (unarmored) infantry unit needed. Weapons choices include bows, slings, javelins, spears, swords, and/or axes. There are multiple bare heads and helmeted heads to choose from too. And if that wasn't enough, you can mix and match all of the above with other WA kits (Late Romans, Irish warriors) ... and Gripping Beast pladtic Dark Ages kits too! Durability? These are made for rough table use, so nothing breaks even when your ham-handed buddy drops one on the floor. So unlike the Victrix plastics with those flimsy spears and swords. I've finished 5 boxes so far, and when WA releases their Franks, I will need several more.

Scott Beil
Goth warriors

Just received my order of Goth Warriors, I believe these to be some of the finest historical minis of it’s era on the market. The ability to mix and match with your other sets is great for those of us who play a variety of games.