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Persian Infantry

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The mighty armies forged by Cyrus the Great, Darius, and Xerxes dominated the Eastern Mediterranean for centuries until finally falling to Alexander. Led by the elite Immortals, Persian armies were built from the many kingdoms and tribes conquered first by the Achaemenids including the Median, Lydian, and the Babylonian empires.  This box set can be used to create the infantry of Persia. They are in Median dress with heads suitable for several satrapies and allied tribes.

This box set will give you enough parts to outfit 40 28mm infantry with weapons including bows, spears, kopis, and sagaris along with command options.

Models require assembly and painting. Bases are not included.

  • Sculpting: Emel Akiah
  • Illustration: Peter Dennis
  • Figure Painting: Jacksarge Painting and Matthew Leahy and Jeff Jonas

On Table Top does a comprehensive review of the Persians with build options and ideas: 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Horváth András Csaba
Seriously impressed

I've received my box of persians a couple of weeks ago and started working on them. My first surprise came when I realized that it contains _40_ minis (I thought 30)...

There are loads of options in the box to build archers, spearmen, musicians, lighter close combat troops, various shields etc. Also as I heard they are compatible with Victrix's offerings so you can mix and match with them for more variaton.

I've even made a short unboxing video and showing off my quickly painted first few guys:

Great value and variety

This kit easily covers both Persian and Sassanid troops. I've used extra heads for cavalry options as well. With 40 figures in each box this is amazing value!

Henatay Journey
Really good bang for your buck!

And I don't mean that in the traditional "cheep" way! While the these models will not accurately represent the more heavily armored forces of the Persian empire, they will provide adequately detailed masses of soldiers. You can also represent Persian immortals with this boxed set, but I could only squeeze out 8 of them before running out of torsos. Still a fantastic set, and a perfect start for any early Persian miniature wargaming.

Just a Dude
Flawless and Numerous

If there were one flaw about this kit it would the single, forced archer on every sprue, but since you get eight sprues it doesn't really matter, that and the fragility of the spears for those of us who have a habit of knocking things down. The poses can be as dynamic or as formation as you'd like, and the different quaility of armor on each soldiers allows you to form a more diverse block of persian warriors. This kit is perfect if you want to make a force of sparabara.

My favorite WGA kit so far.

I’ve got 5 boxes of these guys, and I’m wondering if I need 5 more. I’ve combined them with a few other kits, and they always look fabulous. While I would like less Archers per sprue, that’s only a personal preference. A great kit, 11/10!