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Prussian Reserve (1813-1815)

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The 1807 Treaty of Tilsit forced Prussia to constrain their army to no more than 42,000 men. They evaded the restriction by the Krümper System of cycling new recruits through the army to create a reserve of trained men.

When Prussia declared war on France on 17 March 1813 (the Befreiungskriege or War of Liberation), over 40 reserve battalions were formed and organized into a dozen Reserve Infantry Regiments. These were instrumental in the defeat of Napoleon.

This box set is an ARMY BUILDER and allows you to build 60 hard plastic figures with a choice of either covered shako or the Schirmütz (peaked cap). You will need to provide your own command figures.

Product Code: WAANW003

Models require assembly and painting. Bases are not included. Not for Children. Contents may vary from photos.

Sculpting: Thieu Duong

Illustration: Peter Dennis

Figure Painting: Matthew Leahy

Historical Research: Dr. Stephen Summerfield and Thomas Young 

Big Gerry of On Table Top gives a comprehensive review of this Army Builder set: 


Multi-Buy Deals!

Buy 3 Boxes for $95/£70 

Buy 5 Boxes for $145/£105 

Buy 10 Boxes for $265/£190

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Matthew Williamson (Bluewillow)

I purchased two boxes of these to bolster my 1813-15 Prussian army, adding another manufacturers command.

A great economic option, for bolstering you troops. With shako head variation you could also make up some 1813-15 German states or American 1812 militia, or South American Napoleonic to 1840s troops.


Perfect for building out armies

Fantastic price point for adding bodies into an army cheaply when massive customization or individuality isn't needed, separate heads make these absurdly great for black powder era apocalyptic games, especially when used with leftover heads from other WGA kits.

More Flexible than you think.

Enjoyed using these miniatures not just for historic purposes, but I’ve also used them combined with Persian heads and gas masks for alternative time line armies. Also fabulous value for money!

Mike Allen
Just what you need for your Prussians 1813-1815

Great addition to the Prussians. Reservists who featured heavily in 1813 and 1814. Also if you aren't super fussy could be 1813 line troops in campaign mode as equipment was very scarce for many units and I suspect any good uniforms were kept for parades! Such excellent value for money. Fingers crossed for more niche Napoleonics in the future ... for instance Spanish!