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Russian Infantry

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Russia entered World War One with the largest army in the world - 1.4 million under arms! Despite these vast numbers the Russians fared poorly against Germany and Austria-Hungary after initial successes. As the war dragged on, unrest in home led first to the February Revolution in early 1917 seeing the downfall of the Tsar. Russia was soon embroiled in a civil war that would culminate with the formation of the Soviet Union.

This hard plastic set allows you to build up to 35 Russian infantry equipped for World War One and suitable for the Russian Revolution and beyond. A selection of hat and helmet types allow you to model a variety of troop types including officers, Reds, Whites, and gas masked troops. Moisin Nagant rifles, officer pistols and sabres, and grenades give you a wide range of weaponry to choose from.

There are five frames in each box

Models require assembly and painting. Bases are not included. Items may not exactly match the photos.

  • Sculpting: Gia Huy
  • Illustration: Peter Dennis
  • Figure Painting: Jason Frowde (Painting Knights) and Martin Oaff and Chris Hindmarsh
  • Research: Wayne Peter Bollands

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Tyler Oliver
Russian box

Wargames atlantic is fantastic.

Good idea with careless realisation

I was looking forward to this set to make these for Russo-Japanese war. I was ready for some further work to make these looking appropriate for that conflict. However, I was disappointed by this set.

The kit on figures looks good and appropriate, as do the torsos, and face features and overall quality of the heads seems good. Even if, in my opinion, the Red Army head options were unnecessary, because the difference in uniform was too huge to cover both RCW armies in one set, the quality of Budenovka hats is pretty good.

However, when it comes to hand options, nearly half of them looks strange and inappropriate. They are handling guns in wrong angles, their wrists are twisted in unrealistic ways. This makes most poses looking poor without serious rework.

Furthermore, the weapons' proportions are poor even for the 28mm scale, and also I was disappointed with the Arisaka rifle option - the bolt handle and other parts of the rifle are orientated in wrong direction. The reason is that the Arisaka rifle hand was just mirrored one from the forthcoming Japanese set. Such issues make it clear that the preparation of this kit was made with less care than I would expect.

Overall this set is not bad in my opinion, but some important and careless mistakes forse me to try to find more appropriate alternatives.


Received these as a gift. Great prints with lots of building options. Goes perfectly with my existing WW1 British and French sets! Can't wait to get these painted and on the table!

So many options

The amount of options on this kit is incredible, with more heads than you will ever know what to do with. The detail on these models is also very nice, and with their gear being modeled on it makes for quick building without much hassle.

My one and only complaint with the kit has to do with the kneeling model on the sprue. I might be crazy, but after building one I couldn't help but notice that his hips appear stretched. His hip to shoulder ratio makes him look a bit bottom heavy, but I am sure this will look fine from three or four feet away on the tabletop.

Overall a great kit though! I will be picking a few more boxes up!

A very good multi-use kit

This kit is quite good, offering a wide choice of uses and eras. If you want to use them for Reds some modification to the bodies will be needed (shaving off shoulder boards and trimming back some gear if you like) but in my opinion it is not super necessary. Apparently some people can't figure out that a multi-era kit will need modification to be super historically accurate....

My only minor gripe is some of the poses can look a little silly but with modification they look perfect. This is a creative hobby after all, you will need to make your own modifications to your figures, they aren't action figures.