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Skeleton Infantry

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They are the shades of the men of Sparta, Athens, Thebes, and Macedon. When a Necromancer plunders the coins meant for Charon, she can reanimate their remains and bind them to her will. Only by removing the skull from the body, or destroying the coins, may the warriors break their curse and return to the grave.

This hard plastic box set allows you to build up to 32 Skeleton Warriors equipped with bow, spear, sword, or pike and with options for full command.

Builds include up to: 8 bow men, 8 pikemen, 8 swordmen, 24 spearmen or many combinations.

Our Skeleton Warriors box set is compatible with Mythic - the fantasy version of Mortal Gods!

  • Sculpting: Tim Barry
  • Illustration: Peter Dennis
  • Figure Painting: Matthew Leahy and Andy Zeck

Models require assembly and painting. Bases are not included.

Derek of Derek's Wee Toys Blog has done an excellent article on building and painting the skeletons - click here for it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Double Fox Gaming
Awesome Skelly's

Purchased for a D&D campaign and are perfect. Every pose slightly different to add variation and glue together very nicely with Humbrol plastic glue. Enough detail to be interesting but not so much as to be over fussy. Paint up nicely and look great on the table.
Players love em. 😎

Jesse Meighan
Love em

Perfect for my old warhammer undead horde. Gonna get another box when the skeleton horsemen release.

Classic stop motion

I bought a box of these to convert up forvyse in Mordheim. I wanted the classic stop motion skeleton feel from old movies, and these certainly did the job. Easy to chop up and convert too. Now very tempted to do an army of them for Warhammer Old World!

Great skeletons!

Really flexible kit with some great options available. As always with Wargames Atlantic kits, you get loads of extras which are super useful for many other kitbashes.

Kieran M
Fantastic skellies

This kit is great if you're looking for a basic unit of skeletal spearmen to fill out ranks, or as a basis for further conversion (using up leftover bits from more detailed skeleton kits especially works well). Would have loved more weapon options (more swords!), but I get what they are going for here. The hoplite theme is a cool departure from the standard, but would have loved other shield and helmet options. Again, fantastic kit for the cost, and very easy to build.