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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


It seems the Quar have always been at war. When the first wandering clans of insect gatherers built their low, mud-walled buildings, it was as much to keep out other Quar as the wild animals. As they first learned to make tools to get food, they quickly learned to make tools to defend themselves. The mud walls quickly became fortified citadels, and then city-states. In five thousand years of civilization, the only constants of their culture have been the changing of the seasons and the threat of war.

Quar are just like you and me - perfectly normal creatures, bereft of magic or supernatural powers or other-worldly technologies. They do eat bugs, though, and lots of them. Most quar, when they’re not fighting each other over slights real or imagined, are farmers, or traders, or merchants. Mostly they live simple, happy lives full of hard work, ale and the occasional overeating of mothcakes.

But there are other quar - ambitious, striving quar - for which a mere warm bed and full belly are not enough. These are the ones that scheme, that connive, and their machinations bring whole nations and kingdoms into conflict. Constant conflict, brutal conflict, for the history of Alwyd is written in blood.

The Long War is entering a new phase. Gather your weapons, choose your side, and prepare to begin your chapter in the history of this grand conflict.

This is a two-player game that features 24 hard plastic Quar (12 Crusaders and 12 Coftyrans), 24 hard plastic dual-use bases, 10 activation cards, 6 D6 dice, and a 48 page rulebook. There is also a selection of cut-out terrain on the box sides to help bring your battlefield to life!

Models require assembly and painting. Product contents may vary from photos.

  • Sculpting: Joshua Qualtieri
  • Illustration: Peter Dennis
  • Additional Art: Jenny Bach
  • Figure Painting: Anthony Brown

Big Gerry of On Table Top speaks in-depth with Quar creator Joshua Qualtieri. Have a watch: 

And check out the gameplay! 


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Vulgen C. Fetzieh
Grimsical little guys

Saw some vods of people playing this and was hooked right away, grabbed the box when I saw how relatively cheap it was for a wargame starter and was impatient to get it in my hands. Models themselves were a joy to assemble, moldlines less troublesome to clean up than most models I've worked with in the past and very enjoyable to paint as well, an excellent balance of existing details in the sculpts and room for your imagination and technical limits. I can't wait to get the rest of the box painted and begin playing

Milwer Mark
Awesome Little Dudes

Lovely sprues. The Quar are fantastic little sculpts which are bursting with character. The Rhyfler’s Pocket Book contains delightful artwork and lore, as well as a great introduction to the setting. The rules are well-presented.

This really is a life’s work.

Check-out and delivery in the UK was fast and easy.

Kyle Keen
A Cool Setting

I really enjoyed this box and all of the models are high quality. I also found the setting and lore to be interesting and a fun universe.

Maikel Tegelaers
Absolute banger of a game

It's so easy, it's insanely funny and does not take itself serious. I have no idea why a wargamer would not try this game for themselves. Don't hesitate, spend the money... it's worth it. The only downpoint to this is that there have to be more factions instead of just 2.

Hector Lugo
Quar Box

New type of wargame. Interesting concept. Fun to build.