Afghan Cavalry Prepare to Drive Off the Invaders

Afghan Cavalry Prepare to Drive Off the Invaders

We're pleased to announce the third set for our Imperial Conquests range: Afghan Tribal Cavalry! This is in the final phases of sculpting and will be off to tooling soon.

Arms and heads from this set will be backward compatible to the Afghan Warriors set and vice versa for even more variety for your Afghan army.


There is no release date yet but we should see them before the year is out. Final box contents and number of figures per box TBD.

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Martin Waller - November 26, 2021

If I assume there will be 12 cavalry per box. Can I use one box as beehive hat regular cavalry for 2nd Afghan War and a second, using later HMGs/rifles/pistols/swords from plastic spares as Back of Beyond Bismachis? With the odd Soviet head, Be amazing.

Nigel - November 17, 2020

That’s a definite buy from me!

Condottiero Magno - September 27, 2020

Will the horses be available separately and how big are they compared with plastic ones from Perry and Gripping Beast?

Rudi Geudens - September 7, 2020

I would suggest a box of “colonial” Russian infantry &one of cavalry. There are plenty (even plastic) Brits available…

Falk - September 6, 2020

I would also love to see modern weapons for the Afghan kits – including the infamous Stinger MANPADS!

Jack Silva - September 5, 2020

Looks, amazing. Also agree with Mr. Nichols, and can I suggest some more 14th-15th century weapons on the sprues? Crossbows, arquebuses, and the like.

Pete Duckworth - September 5, 2020

WOW – Just what I want

John Craddock - September 5, 2020

These look great will be looking to get these on there release.

Rick Lewis - September 5, 2020

They look terrific! Can’t wait to paint some of them.
I agree with the other comments – a 20th/21st Century sprue would be really good but also some 1840’s Brits would be really amazing from you guys.

Geoff - September 5, 2020

Can we see some Turcomen heads

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