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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


Atlantic Digital December Teaser

Atlantic Digital December Teaser

We're wrapping up the first month (well really only about a week and a half!) of Atlantic Digital and we're happy to report we've cracked the Top 15 on MyMiniFactory! (And we'd be #85 of 3D Printing if we were on Patreon!) So thank you to everyone who joined up and made this a hit! 

We're inspired to make a LOT more for the digital platform as we continue to roll out plastic sets (WW1 British frame has met with final approval before production). 

We're previewing the December releases (well a handful of them so far) on Tribes: 

We are also announcing that we're going to be adding a Loyalty Reward - stay on-Tribe for 3 months and you'll get it automatically (we'll add a 6 month one after that milestone) and we're going to be developing a Welcome Pack that will grow over time. To start off we'll have some of the file sets from our first month (but not all) and we'll grow it over the next few months. 

If you haven't signed up - you have a few hours before the clock strikes midnight (GMT) at which point we'll be in the new month. Check out Atlantic Digital and sign up here! 

Thank you again to all our subscribers - we have big plans and lots of new goodies coming your way! 


Update: here's another teaser of what's going to be in the December release: 

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Scott Beil - December 2, 2022

The peasants look great, hope they go to plastic someday!

Mo - December 1, 2022

You guys really have your finger on the pulse for what mini niches are underserved. I could not believe how lucky I was to finally have a good 3d printable multi-part hoplite kit and now I can finally flesh out my various tabletop RPG worlds with some civilians. Amazing job.

Lidless Eye Hobbies - December 1, 2022

Awesome, I was hoping for modular unarmored Halflings (without shoes) to hit the market!

Model Hunter - November 30, 2022

They look fantastic, I only wish you also offered printed sets.

I would certainly buy multiples.

Mark Dewis - November 30, 2022

The “golden age of piracy” civilians are almost certainly the Napoleonic Camp Followers we know are in the works.
LOVING the civilian stuff for Cannon Fodder. 1001 uses for that.

Red Bee - November 30, 2022

I think I’m seeing golden age of piracy era civilians, stuff for Cannon Fodder(!) , a party of Halflings(yay!) with their wizard friend, your average everyday civilian ankylosaurus, maybe Athenians (?), and a dragon of some sort.

I’m glad this looks like a success for you guys. So far everything looks too notch, and it seems you are ironing out the bugs almost as fast as they are being reported. Really stellar launch.

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