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Aztecs Prepare for War!

Aztecs Prepare for War!

Aztecs are partially done and we wanted to show off some work-in-progress. These are not finished and not all the parts are here yet but they are getting closer! Let us know what you think in the comments below.




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David Brown - May 14, 2021

About half the shields should not have the feathered skirt – IIRC it was against their laws for novices to have such things.

Don’t forget slings.

Axel - April 4, 2021

They seem all be to be on the muscular side, unlike most contemporary depictions who show them more normally proportioned.

Nobles (or renowned warriors) wearing these full body dress are a good idea, and can be also used for Jaguar and Eagle societies, just with different heads. If in doubt due to the textures, leave the feathered body out, as it takes up one sixth of the sprue and will be repetetive if there is only one anyway. A slighty grainy structure will work for linen and fur, perhaps even for the eagle warriors as many of them probably used eagle feathers mainly on the head and not on the whole body. A conical headgear would be appropriate.

I would not waste sprue space on banners, standards and other personal significers as their trademark was that they were as distinct from each other as possible, and whatever could be on a sprue on typical equipment would be better then numerous identical “unique” standards. If you want to go there, add a simple carrier construction that fits on some backs that can be kitbased stuff on the top.

You should definitley try to cover Tlaxcalan and probably other Mesoamerican types (Huexotzinca, Chinantec …) , too, which will mainly mean some different heads for the warrior societies and weapons (here bows definitely come in).

As there are many unique characters in the Mesoamerican armies, especially commanders and priests, you should not try to cover all of these on a plastic sprue but just try to complement existing metal ranges. As you already do that with some other plastic sets I am sure you will avoid the trap to attempt too much…

For literature and equipment I suggest Ian Heaths " Armies of the Aztecs…" from Foundry Press, alas only available from the collectors market. For very illustrations (and content) there is also Miguel Gomez “The Mexico Conquest”, available from Andrea Press (only from there, atm, but at a 50% sale right now).

Steve Leopard - March 26, 2021

Love that everyone seems to want a variety of knights, Jaguar, Eagle, and so forth. Believe what is truly needed are regular Aztec warriors. Their are lots of figures in the market place. Could be a good idea to provide heads that could convert warriors to Spanish allies.

von Knoblauch - March 26, 2021

Will there be any conical caps to go with the feather suits

Wayne - March 26, 2021

This is looking like a very promising set. I believe a variety of heads and head gear would be appropriate to cover the various suit wearers and maybe one or two special headgears like the “demon in the night” helmet or coyotyl helmet. Also, please consider a variety of back banners for the various suit wearers.

Pierre Lerdou-Udoy - March 24, 2021

These warriors are now in my head : I absolutely want them !
I hope we’ll see Apaches, Sioux, Cheyennes, Iroquois or Hurons in the future…

Just one thing : the rear side of the loincloth is not very accurate : a Mesoamerican loincloth was a hand-woven long and large rectangle, tied less or more like a traditional japanese “fundoshi”. Make a try !


Ignacio Andres Troche Martinez - March 23, 2021

I think more headdresses is a must, also, do you think you could do removable or perhaps just put on able capes and chest pieces? Hopefully we see some more weapon options like slings and clubs. Though isn’t the atlatl meant to be used by the highest of ranks, so it should have an arm wearing a jaguar suit?

Whaler - March 23, 2021

Looks very cool! Would love a conch shell trumpeter and Eagel Warrior option! The macuahuitl looks amazing.

Osman Pineda - March 23, 2021

Looking mighty fine. I’ll have to chirp in about the possibility of an eagle knight helmet, and a two-handed macahuitl.

Shaun Gooch - March 23, 2021

I don’t see any Crimean War British Grenadier Guards here!!! Tho, I’m sure it will just be a matter of time!! Hint hint!

Joking apart , I’m looking forward to these alongside the Conquistadors.

A suggestion for a future Death fields release. How about an army of mechanical droids/automaton. Such a set would have multiple uses in many games, from 40k admech to Gates of Antares , and other Sci-fi games.

Keep up the good work and hurry along with those Crimean War miniatures!!!

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