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BEF! Decisions, Decisions! Help Us Pick!

BEF! Decisions, Decisions! Help Us Pick!

The layout is back for the BEF and we have some choices to make as not all the parts will fit! 

Here is the wishlist we sent to layout: 

And here is where we are: 

As you can see there are a lot of parts that aren't fitting currently including most of the duplicated items that are needed on the frame to outfit the six figures. There are some extra covered helmet heads that can go away without much fuss. 

But before we took our red Sharpie to this we wanted to hear from you! Let us know what you would like to see done here to get to a complete, final frame of parts. 

(Also keep in mind that some of these parts can also end up on the weapons team frame)

Opine away below! 


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Dean - December 29, 2023

Please keep the shouldered Lewis gun. I ordered this set with the intention of interchanging some parts with the WW1 British set. I don’t need that many heads.

Gregg Anglesburg - December 28, 2023

I really would like both homeguard and BEF, Please make whatever you don’t include as an add on STL file in your digital line.

Daniel - December 28, 2023

Not sure if others have said this but the most important thing for me is that there needs to be at least one part 14 and 6 for every man. Part 14 to me looks like a gas respirator bag which would’ve been issued to every member of the B.E.F frontline. Many expected them to face a repeat of the gas attacks in the First World War. As others have said for the BEF the number of Thompsons needs to be reduced, I would swap some of the Thompsons for extra gas respirator bags.

Likewise as others have commented parts 26-31 could be replaced with more Tam o shanters (40) or more webbing and tools such as parts 82, 89,90 and 91

Colonel Klink - December 26, 2023

Please leave as many mkiii rifles as possible, the force should primarily represent the BEF in France, Greece, and Crete, back every fortnight as it were.

James - December 26, 2023

You MUST make space for the mug… all else is secondary

Dave G - December 25, 2023

Keep only the following weapons options. MKIII Lee Enfields (not MkIV’s), revolver pistol, Lewis & Bren Guns, Boys A/T gun, 2" Mortar. All others are mainly later period small arms. I think Thompsons weren’t supplied until the middle east forces got them, but you could have them on the 3D print scheme as many would find them useful for other forces/periods. Stiff caps are useful for Guards Bttn’s, but most would be in steel helmets during fighting, possibly keep a couple for officers and MP’s.

Dmitry - December 25, 2023

Please keep Lewis gun and Lewis gun on a shoulder (Part 69). Warlord Games made enough sets with Bren guns, nobody ever made Lewis.

Matt - December 23, 2023

Please keep the Thompsons, I’d rather have loads of weapon options than heads, and I hate having every guy with the same gun in the same pose. Gonna use these for pulp/VBCW so lots of weapon options are great, especially the BARs, Lewis and drum mag Thompsons.

Michael - December 23, 2023

Good morning chaps.
Being BEF I really would prefer to see the Bren gun over the Lewis gun. Im using these guys for my new venture into the Two Fat Lardies game Chain of Command. What made me so happy about this set over other manufacturers of BEF, which are very few, is the inclusion of suuport weaponry such as the Boys AT rifle and the mortar. For me its the Lewis gun that should go. Ive got my old Battle picture library visions of Bren guns, SMLErifles and the Thompson SMG totting Sergeant.

Stuart Harrison - December 22, 2023

Just wanted to address a perception in another comment:

“like the Lewis gun option Bren hadn’t been in production long”

The Bren hadn’t been in production long, but by June 1940 30,000 had been made. Thanks to be BEF priority for up to date equipment, the vast majority of those were with the BEF. This was a big part of the problem after Dunkirk – most of the Brens were lost in France.

“When the BEF finally returned to UK shores following the Fall of France, out of the 30,000 Bren guns produced, some 26,000 were either unaccounted for (11,500) or unservicable leaving only 4000 examples to face down the pending German invasion. Our collection includes examples of a trials Brno-produced gun along with examples from the 26,000 and the 4,000. Following this the design had to be radically revised in order to both save production time and money.”,down%20the%20pending%20German%20invasion.

The Bren is very much the correct LMG for BEF front line units, BEF second line units could have had either, with the Bren probably still more likely. Home Guard would have been lucky to even get a Lewis in the post Dunkirk months, with the BEF formations needing to be rapidly re-armed after Dunkirk.

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