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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


BEF/Home Guard Updates!

BEF/Home Guard Updates!

We've already hit 39% of our goal with the first Vox Populi finalist: British Expeditionary Force (1939-40) (also suitable for Home Guard)! 

Based on your feedback we've made some changes and additions to the set and Rob Macfarlane has just delivered the revised parts. Here's what we have done with arms, bodies, and equipment (heads are finalized): 

The main changes made were: 

  1. Webbing was recreated to be a more realistic shape
  2. Prone position was swapped to straight-legged stance
  3. SMLE muzzle area was matched to WW1 British and excess bayonets removed
  4. Bayonet in scabbard was changed and added to some bodies where appropriate to cut down on extra assembly
  5. 2" Mortar with suitable arms was added
  6. 37 Pattern entrenching tool added
  7. Rolled rain cape and cup added
  8. Webley was redesigned
  9. Water bottle and holster were reduced in size
  10. Large pack was removed
  11. Bodies were matched in proportion/height to WW1 British bodies

This should make for a more accurate set and allow for greater utility as both BEF, Home Guard, and for Very British Civil War and Pulp wargamers. 

We also received the (mostly) final version of the box illustration from Peter Dennis! 

Peter's illustration shows a senior Home Guard chap on the left letting loose with his American-supplied BAR while the BEF-equipped soldier on the right presumes to give him direction! The mix of hats and helmets in the set will allow you to make all the figures as a variety of types of troops for the period. 

We only need about 122 more boxes to hit the goal and send this one to tooling - so if you're ready to get yourself a quite good deal ($29.95/£21 a box instead of $34.95/£25 and with even bigger deals for multi-box buys down to less than $25/box!) then sign up for yours here


Also don't forget! We're taking votes for the set that will replace this one in Vox Populi - get your vote in here

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dan williams - November 5, 2023

what about adding a shotgun or two. the home guard had them

Alistair James - October 24, 2023

If this set is 1939 to 1940 BEF and Home Guard you need to take out the the Thompson machine gun. Im pretty sure they were not issued to British troops until 1941 and only to Commandos at the beginning ?

Jeff Chapman - October 23, 2023

It’s a pity that you decided to include so many weapons choices at the expense of one or two more poses.

Doshu Tokeshi - October 18, 2023

Thank you so much for listening to feedback. Only one thing left, to be honest, looks like the SMLE fixed bayonet rifles still have an issue. Where the bayonet mounts to the rifle looks like it’s still a No. 4 mk 1 end with a 1907 bayonet tacked on. I have a 1922 dated SMLE and a 1920 dated 1907 (late pattern no quillon) bayonet. I could send you photos of how they are attached. If you like. Let me know

Danny Burles - October 14, 2023

Reference the Boys AT, it’s the hand opposite the shoulder the rifle is fired from that holds the rear grip. In this case right hand should be on pistol grip left hand on rear grip. This fellow didn’t pay attention in SAA lessons.

Wm Lotz - October 14, 2023

I collect and love the kits….but maybe you could consider ditching the flat bases?

Danny Boy - October 13, 2023

These look graet. Jason you can shoot from either knee if you know what you’re doing and in combat situations the one you get down on fastest isn’t necessarily up to you. You’re probably thinking of a fixed competition-style kneeling firing pose where you’re resting your left elbow on the left knee but with plastic models you won’t be able to achieve that pose anyway so it’s all a bit moot.

Jason - October 13, 2023

Very nice, but would prefer the other kneeling figure as that one is on the wrong knee for shooting a rifle

Wargames Atlantic - October 13, 2023

JTam – there is both a prone AND a kneeling figure?

Heard on the entrenching tool – will try for both of them.

Buttons – they’re appropriate for Home Guard (who probably wouldn’t be wearing the gas bag) and on the regular BEF the gasbag will cover them anyway. So best of all worlds!

JTam - October 13, 2023

Shame the prone body went away. Failing that a kneeling body.

Anything to break up the monotony and better represent automatic riflemen/light machine gunners, marksman, mortar crewmen, etc.

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