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Classic Fantasy Elves Added to Vox Populi!

Classic Fantasy Elves Added to Vox Populi!

Your votes have spoken! Classic Fantasy Elves is the newest entry on the List of 12 at Vox Populi (replacing Conquistador Cavalry which were successfully funded and now in production)! 

There has been some early work done on this set but there's much more to do and we're very interested in hearing your thoughts on it as well! We have a page dedicated to the set in our forum here. Let us know what you think!

Click the image below to see more and vote! 


Voting remains fast and furious on the List of 12 with the Warring States Infantry in the lead but other sets making big gains like the Dark Age/Germanic Infantry Army Builder set. Once Conquistador Cavalry is ready for tooling we'll pick the next winner to move into pre-production orders.

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Skipp T - April 3, 2024

I think they look great and would love a classic elf kit! Also excited to see lots of votes for others in the classical fantasy genre.

BJM - February 17, 2024

The mini’s face reminds of my first impression of elves as a child; I didn’t equate long lives with everlasting youth, So in my mind, most elves looked to be stuck in their 60’s-80’s. I like the simple yet defined flairs of “woodsiness”. Looking forward to seeing what other ideas you have for the kit.

zack - February 16, 2024

I actually really like the bones of this model and think theirs a lot of directions it can go.
My personal wants as someone wanting to build a wood elf army:
Longer coats and tunics that go a bit lower.
Decently chunky weapons (which this seems to have yay!)
A variety of heads namely Grecian helms, hoods and bare heads
Weapons wise bows are a given as are spears, id quite like the classic Norman kite shields maybe a couple leaf bladed swords per kit?.
I like the unarmoured/lightly armoured look keep that as is
Id like a variety of daggers, swords, ropes, pouches ect for customization.

Anthony - February 16, 2024

I really like the feel and the design of these elves – congrats! If I may offer some constructive criticism, you really need to work on the face though. The head might need to be slightly smaller and you really need to smoothen out the lower face and chin areas.

I hope you make some armoured options as well.

Y. Whateley - February 16, 2024

I rather like this character the way he is. The head might be a bit large in proportion, but it’s not the weirdest proportions I’ve seen for elves in this scale. The jowly face is a bit different from what I’d expect to see on an elf, but it gives this guy some character – I’ll assume there’ll be a variety of heads with a range of faces, and this is just one of the faces in that variety, so I don’t mind at all.

I typically like weird and outside-the-box approaches to things and could easily start making a list of things I’d ideally like to see, but for a middle-of-the-road, safe, traditional fantasy elf, I think this guy’s fine, better IMHO than most elf sets I’ve seen out there, which tend toward a much fancier “high elf” aesthetic than I like – I really like the humble, unassuming outfit and gear this elf is wearing, it’s not something I see very often and I prefer this to the more fancy and ostentatious high-elf thing, I think this would work great for rank-and-file elf rangers, woodsmen, scouts, and the like.

I don’t get the criticism that he’s “chunky” at all – the proportions seem fine to me. It looks comparable to human proportions in this scale, which isn’t a bad thing: it looks like it would be easy to swap over human heads for a mixed band of human and elf rangers working together, for example. I see human size and proportions as a feature, not a bug.

I hope the set will include hooded heads, I hope the sword is a separate option instead of sculpted on the body, and I totally agree with the request for sci-fi options – some old-fashioned ray-guns and heads with military haircuts on those bodies would look right at home for some retro-style pointy-eared humanoid aliens, and that would absolutely be the logical thing to do! Sure, the costume is a bit more fantasy than sci-fi, but it wouldn’t be out of place at all in a space-opera setting that would be equally at home with the usual Space Romans and such, or in a Deathfields setting that includes the likes of the Grognards!

John Taylor - February 16, 2024

The main thing is please, please, please for god’s sake NO GW-style mitre helmets or Gallic spiked hair! I rather like the ‘too thick’ bows (and to a lesser extent arrows) – they don’t look as nice, but the resistance to breaking either on the sprue or during play trumps that all day long. I prefer a ‘wood-elf’ rustic set over a ‘high-elf’ style, but if you must do the latter I hope you go a more Thunderbolt Mountain direction than GW or Mantic.

I agree with what seems to be the consensus on this guys face, and although I rather like his outfit there should be some styling to set it apart a bit more from bog-standard medieval peasant.

Knight Of Infinite Resignation - February 16, 2024

He’s a chunky boy! Looks like a hobbit on his way to a Halloween party cosplaying as an elf.

Body has child proportions, head is too big, legs and torso too short, Sword is too broad, fletchings and arrow and bow in general are all over thick. The arrow is as thick as a spear shaft. The pointy ends of the bow are overdone and clumsy looking.

Elves should be tall, willowy (though not as much as Mantic’s models), with well made and fairly elaborate clothes (even the wood elves – but with different motifs) and weapons. They should look haughty, slightly consumptive, high cheekbones, pointed chins, sexy in a kinda goth/emo way, or fairy-like with anime faces with large eyes and small pointed chins not jowly and chubby like a middle aged accountant!

Some light ‘fantasy’ leather armour especially on the shoulders might stop this guy looking like a medieval peasant. Bare arms with detailed leather archers bracers and bar legs with leather greaves… elves aren’t meant to wrap up warm!

Adam Chandler - February 16, 2024

Please to a sci fi sprue for them.

Anders - February 16, 2024

Great looking model! My favourite elf models have always been from the Middle Earth range. The Mantic ones are really cool but a bit to thin. The Oathmark ones to me looks a bit like men, or boys, with pointy ears and not so cool helmets. I think you found a good concept for wood elves (perhaps a little bit taller or slender and not to chunky?).

Steve - February 16, 2024

Definitely more refined features, maybe more ornamentation on the armour, slimmer but muscular bodies too !

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