Classic Fantasy Elves

  • Our newest addition to the List of 12: Elves! 

    Very VERY early work on these - much more to come if they advance:


  • VERY classic fantasy look to them. Right out of late 70's TTRPGs. I really like the aesthetic.

  • I feel there needs to be a mix of males and females in the set. They need to be more childlike in the face as well as shorter than human.

  • @Jonathan Levine Nah, I have seen enough ugly female elf sets in hard plastic and its always because they are trying to comprimise with the male parts set, they should either just do a male set or dump what they currently have and do the female set  which might be a wiser first of these if they are going to stick with genric themes.

    (It goes without saying I agree the faces should be diffrent, personally I would go with an anime like vibe: smaller nose, slightly bigger eyes, at least more Lodoss War like elves and less channelling Hugo Weaving's renedtion of Elrond)

  • @Brian Van De Walker I second anime like heads. Heck, Anime Heads would be a GREAT upgrade sprue choice. I mean the concept elves we're shown have HUGE chins, so at least make the female elves stand out more (especially since they ARE supposed to stand out compared to human females).

  • I like elves, but these are too thick in the face. I'd rather almost gaunt faces, if I can't have them be a little more SE Asian Jungle Elves ;) 

  • @Charles Tottington I mean, these sort of are anime heads. See Elrond from the 1977 version of the Hobbit. While produced by Rankin Bass, the film was animated by Topcat, which later morphed in to Studio Ghibli.


    And hey, at least they didn't go full Thranduil:

    That being said... @Hudson Adams can we get a kitty dragon like 1977 Smaug?

  • @Miyuso Yeah thats why I didn't vote for elves,  they where not clearly labeled as the elves we discussed in your South East Asian Elf thread and therefore they are probably not going to be turned into them tragically.

    @Greaver Blade Hmmm, nah they don't really look that anime like (unless we are talking that minor bad guy dark elf in the Lodoss Wars OVA) and aside from the pointy ears (which is the one thing should keep) they only really look elf like compared the old (and frankly ugly) GW elf sculpts from the 80's and 90's and some character actors. If they keep these faces they should go dark elf with the set.

    @Hudson Adams Have you guys considered reusing the "What If" Bloodoath's Native Americians bodies and weapons (the ones in armor with) for this instead. They seem more wood elf like in a "fresh new way" than the old elf sculpts which frankly seemed a bit bland, even face wise sans the ears the armor wearing Native Americians look more wood elf like.




  • We'll probably completely redo these if they make it


  • @Brian Van De Walker I think that is a briliant ideia! Using the "What If" Bloodoath's Native Americians bodies for the elfs would give them a fantastic look. Real original wood elfs, with an original take, would make them stand out from the others.

  • @Hudson Adams They probably will, maybe not this year but in the next 2 for sure, so you should start thinking on it.

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