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Conquistador Cavalry...and Another Set! Update!

Conquistador Cavalry...and Another Set! Update!

The Conquistador Cavalry parts have come back from engineering and are now ready for layout. And hoo boy there are a LOT of parts: 


This got us thinking...let's make TWO plastic sets! 

So here's the plan. We'll take the doggos, the unarmored bodies, the unarmored arms, and open-faced helms and create a true Conquistador Cavalry set. BUT...we will take the armored bodies, armored arms, full helmets, and the armored horse parts to create more traditional European cavalry of the period. 

We'll give pre-production order folks the option for which they'd like to receive and produce both sets at once. 

Stay tuned as we move toward layouts! 


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Kid Cthulhu - May 17, 2024

I was hoping the mix of armor & unarmored would mirror what’s in the current infantry Conquistador box. I like the more armored bodies but with the more typical Conquistador helmeted heads and puffed sleeves. Ideally, I would like to make mounted versions of the infantry guys I have painted for a specific project.

Ciaran - May 17, 2024

100% the best decision to be made on that kit, since that REALLY is a lot of pieces, but as is noted below, it will definitely be for a good turn to get both Conquistador style cavalry and regular style European continental cavalry without anyone building the kit sacrificing bits.

Richard - May 17, 2024

More Renaissance sets, yippee! I’ll echo the desire for some Gendarmes in plastic

Herkybird - May 17, 2024

Sounds good to me, having 2 sets will help all players, I would hate having to buy multiple boxes to get enough of one type of figure!!!

John Cintron - May 17, 2024

They look great. That is a tough decision on whether to separate the armored and unarmored. Some conquistadors did wear armor on occasion, especially if they were lords or high ranking officers, it was their mark of station. Although not many, perhaps keep a quarter of the intended figures with full to half armor for a Conquistador Cavalry box. For the Old Spain Armored Caballeros box, perhaps a full armor, half armor mix. Not sure how many mounted riders figures you are planning per box, that would play into ratios of what players are looking at building for their army or scenarios. I would humbly request that you include the Doggos in both boxes, “Cry havock, and let slip the dogs of war.”

James H - May 17, 2024

Hopefully us pre-order folks will get to pick a choice of boxes. I’d like at least one ‘armoured’ set to represent the officers and the like.

Mikołaj - May 17, 2024

Maybe evolve “heavy” set to have the options for renaissance Gendarmes? The Heaviest possible cavalry which never had a plastic set from any manufacturer

lord_blackfang - May 17, 2024

Well now for sure you can find room for a left handed pistol!

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