Conquistadores for Christmas!

Conquistadores for Christmas!

Earlier this year we did a poll for the best matched pair set of plastics and the winner was Conquistadores vs. Aztecs. We're very happy to show off the work that has gone into the Conquistador designs. Our goal is to make a set that works for the Conquest of Mexico as well as filling in your European armies of the early 16th century (or fantasy ones for that matter!) 

Let us know what you think of these in the comments below!

These wonderful sculpts are by the very talented Rob Macfarlane.




Note and Update: you can open the above pic in a new window for a closer view to see all the crossbows. Rob is hard at work adding pike and Montante, some additional shields (not those are only unique parts above - not what is on the final sprue) and here are some more heads that have been added in the meantime: 

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Witch Hunter Shadowlord - December 25, 2020

I kinda want to make a Warhammer Estalia army out of em.

Al - December 25, 2020

Excellent! Finally reinforcements for the E stalian army!

Jordan - December 25, 2020

I would love more breastplates on chest and landschnekt style puffy hat options for fantasy builds in true scale. Cant stand heroic scale.

Fingol23 - December 25, 2020

They look great! I’d love for there to be a higher ratio of pikes in the final set though.

Pete Rixon - December 25, 2020

I cannot wait to own boxes of these guys. Love the mix of close combat weapons and firearms. One LEFT-HANDED PISTOL to compliment the right-handed swords would be just perfect. If we get the native Central and South Americans as well, Christmas will have come all over again. Thank you War-games Atlantic.

Horse - December 25, 2020

These look great. I’d suggest adding in some two handed swords though. That way you can get all the Warhammer and Old World folks in on the kit too

ToSh - December 25, 2020

Looking good, suspect you will sell more as Italian Wars Spanish, so a pike or open hands option might be an idea, and additional shield options for that more irregular look.

Axel - December 25, 2020

Please make some arms with open hands, so that we can put in pikes or other polearms.
For us tinkerers you could just add open hands without arms. More fiddly, but less plastic wasted if you do not use them. Add some plain hands with pointed fingers or open palm, for further configuration options, and I will order five boxes to start with…

Ricardo Navarro - December 25, 2020

Very very nice, congrats. If I may say something, I will add more “Borgoñota” helmets. Have you thought about making separated torso and legs? Then you could add a chainmail shirt, more native-style padded armor, sandals, etc, to make more mixed combinations. Waiting to see more!!! Bravo!!!

russell mccaughan - December 25, 2020

Hi merry Xmas and a happy new year from little old new zealand.first class.should have a command spruce with only 1 drummer and maybe 1 mounted leader as a teaser for a small unit of mounted to come with a couple of dogs.maybe a couple more buckles for swordsman.can’t wait for the Aztecs with so many head options for different warrior class figures with feathered and in feathered bodies.cheers keep up the good work

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