Conquistadores for Christmas!

Conquistadores for Christmas!

Earlier this year we did a poll for the best matched pair set of plastics and the winner was Conquistadores vs. Aztecs. We're very happy to show off the work that has gone into the Conquistador designs. Our goal is to make a set that works for the Conquest of Mexico as well as filling in your European armies of the early 16th century (or fantasy ones for that matter!) 

Let us know what you think of these in the comments below!

These wonderful sculpts are by the very talented Rob Macfarlane.




Note and Update: you can open the above pic in a new window for a closer view to see all the crossbows. Rob is hard at work adding pike and Montante, some additional shields (not those are only unique parts above - not what is on the final sprue) and here are some more heads that have been added in the meantime: 

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Nuno - December 25, 2020

They look good but missing some details. I can send details to make them more historically correct.

Dark Don - December 25, 2020

Very nice!
Not only are they quality sculpts but conversion possibilities are numerous!

Exelzior - December 25, 2020

One of the best things to come out of this otherwise trashfire of a year, you guys never fail to deliver.

John Harrel - December 25, 2020

Great. Loooking forward to them

Garfield - December 25, 2020

Looking great so far!
I welcome the balljoints for the necks, the flat ones gave some awkward poses in some of your previous sets. Best would be to commit to one, so kitbashing is easier.
No open hands for me please, those make for ugly looking arms. The ones provided are fine as is.
Keep up the great work and merry Christmas!

PygmyHippo - December 25, 2020

I’m so happy that you’re making these! Such a versatile set! Perfect for conquistadores, but also many Renaissance armies since morion helmets were so widely used. Would work great in a Warhammer empire army, but even better for Kings of War Historical, which is how I intend to use them. Definitely picking up 4 or 5 of these. Can’t wait for the Aztecs!

Axel - December 25, 2020

Great news. Made my day.

Given that Spaniard, French and Italian infantry of the early 16th century (1500-1540) is a bit underrepresented – especially in plastic – such a set would be on top of my miniature wish list for the next year. I will start with five boxes :-)

Arms with open hands would probably be better suited to arm them with pikes or different polearms. At least SOME arms. For conversions you could just add some open hands (to cut and glue), and on the same not it would be VERY nice to have some left and right hands pointing, palmed or grabbing without weapons in it.

If sprue place is an issue, I would rather have hands then drums. One drum for every 5 man is a bit of an musical overkill, and as you have no fifers anyway… if these sell (as I have no doubt they will) you can later add a command sprue, or an addon sprue with French and Italian fashioned heads and equipment.

Richard Podolsky - December 25, 2020

Can’t wait to see the Aztecs as these sculpts are great. Now I need to find a set of rules for this period…lol!

Yuber Okami - December 25, 2020

They seem nice. My only issue is those plate armours (it doesn’t look historical, but I may be wrong) and the lack of chainmail which comprised the majority of conquistadores’ metal armour ( for more info)

Kevin Scrivner - December 25, 2020

Combined with your fantasy sets, these could be movie-style Telmarines as well.

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