Conquistadores for Christmas!

Conquistadores for Christmas!

Earlier this year we did a poll for the best matched pair set of plastics and the winner was Conquistadores vs. Aztecs. We're very happy to show off the work that has gone into the Conquistador designs. Our goal is to make a set that works for the Conquest of Mexico as well as filling in your European armies of the early 16th century (or fantasy ones for that matter!) 

Let us know what you think of these in the comments below!

These wonderful sculpts are by the very talented Rob Macfarlane.




Note and Update: you can open the above pic in a new window for a closer view to see all the crossbows. Rob is hard at work adding pike and Montante, some additional shields (not those are only unique parts above - not what is on the final sprue) and here are some more heads that have been added in the meantime: 

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Bill - December 25, 2020

They look great. Can’t wait!

Gary Brookfield - December 25, 2020

make nice empire troops

Chris - December 25, 2020

Given that Italian wars Spanish are on my 2021 “to do” list, these look brilliant- I see a lot of kit bash potential.

Tim Young - December 25, 2020

Excellent looking figures. .

Pizaaar - December 25, 2020

Fabulous !

Nic Drew - December 25, 2020

A real tour de force and lovely sculpts
Release date in the new year or later?

Paul Frith - December 25, 2020

Very impressed with these. Will probably get some when they are released. One thought, some alternative shields would be nice.
Will you also be producing some cavalry ?
And also the Aztecs to face them ?

Emiel van der Laan - December 25, 2020

Wauw this is wonderful! Will buy them for sure!! 👌👌

Mathias - December 25, 2020

These look great! I wondering, how many models will there be per box, and how many of each weapon option? Will it be possible to make a full unit with each weapon type, eg, only halberds, swords, handguns, crossbows, or is there only enough pieces to make a mix of them?

Graham BEATTIE - December 25, 2020

Beautiful work. They capture what I look for in Renaissance Spanish. It would be good to see more than one buckler on each sprue and if design permits it, make the halberds separate tfrom the arms to enable making Spanish Pikemen. Otherwise, excellent and fills a niche for the Italian Wars. They could also kitbash with Perry plastics for Italian Wars Cavalry. Separate arms would also make them useful to take javelibs as Jinettes.

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