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Conquistadors and Aztecs Clash!

Conquistadors and Aztecs Clash!

The first two hard plastic sets in our new Renaissance range are now available for pre-order: Conquistadors and Aztecs! 



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These sets came out of a vote back in March 2020 to choose a favorite set of adversaries. Now they are not only about to release but they're among our first four sets produced here in the US!

The Conquistadors gives you 24 figures and an incredible number of frames and extra parts to allow you to use them as not only New World adventurers but also on the battlefields of Europe with matchlocks, halberds, swords, two-handed swords, pikes, crossbows, and more! Loads of heads also help cover a good swath of time too. And of course parts to build command.

The Aztecs are 30 in the box with options to do the various type of superior warriors like the fearsome Jaguar warriors. But there are also spearmen, archers, swordmen, and more including options to create full command.

We're excited to kick off this range and fulfill the promises of the contest! Grab a friend, pick a side, and get stuck in defending or attempting to conquer Tenochtitlan! 

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Kevin Scrivner - January 21, 2022

Thank you!

Tim - January 12, 2022

Those look amazing! Can’t wait to have the Aztecs on the table.
Will you be sharing pictures of the sprues of the Aztecs?

Axel - January 8, 2022

I assume you cant have everything – the extra sprues did reduce these boxes from 30 to 24, but we DO get the extras…

Perhaps you could consider an pikemen “army builder” for the Spanish style bodies, with optional open hands to add our own 8cm pikes. These pikeblocks use up lots of bodies.

With the multiple heads and weapons from this kit these could also be used to create other units in ready state. Add some French or Italian heads and it will work for many European armies.
I certainly hope this set sells well enough to make this a feasable option.

Chris Cornwell - January 7, 2022

It says 4 main sprues of 6 figures – so I’m thinking it’s 24 rather than 30

Aindriu O'Meara - January 7, 2022

Hey, there’s a slight error in the product description for the Conquistadors.

‘This hard plastic box set allows you to build up to 30 soldiers’

I assume that should say 24.

Emiel - January 7, 2022

Keep 3 boxes of those conquistadors on the side for me. Expect my order the day I get my hands on AP speedpaint starterset. Really looking forward to starting a freeguild army.

Graham Beattie - January 7, 2022

Please clarify the contents of the Conquistador box. The box art says 24 models but an accompanying article refers to 30. Which is it?

Brendan Flynn - January 7, 2022

Well done getting these out so early in the new year. Now we just have to hope that the supply chains to Oz don’t completely collapse in the next few months. Looking forward to grabbing several boxes of each of these.

Alex - January 7, 2022

The announcement page says 24 conquistador but product page says 30?

Alex - January 7, 2022

Looks amazing! How many of each weapon type can you make with conquistadors?

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