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Contest: Name the Alien Bugs!

Contest: Name the Alien Bugs!

This post serves two purposes. First, we want to show off the aliens we've been working on! And second, we want you to name them and give them a backstory for Death Fields. The winner will officially be "The Namer", get their name on the box/descriptions, and take home 10 boxes of the charming little buggers. 

The three (or more you decide!) stages of bug life: egg, bug-ling, adult.

Bug 3/4 View

Bug Side View

Size Comparison 1

Size Comparison 2: you'll note that depending on the leg choices and positions they can be either closer to the ground or rearing/leaping/attacking as desired! 

If you'd like to submit your name and background ideas see below: 



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Riley - August 18, 2022

I came up with the totally orginal name of “roaches”. Figuing that they’re chunky and nasty gribbles but nothing really more than troublesome vermin to a properly organised force. They are hardy and ubiqitous when it comes to the abandoned ruins and space hulks of forgotten alien races on humanity’s frontieers. They are harvested for the Death fields as an extra battlefield hazard.

James L - August 15, 2022


Gwen Smith - August 3, 2022

How about naming them the Skrin’ids, and their background is that they inhabit asteroid fields consuming minerals and other smaller parasitic creatures that life in the ice that crusts the space rocks, they could seed their young by flinging them at passing ships on which the hatchlings bio glue themselves to the hulls in the hope of infesting the next planet or asteroid field the ships lands on or passes. Their adversaries could give them instulting names such as bugs, skrin’s, skrinjobs, etc. I love the models and will def be getting some :) Thanks

Philip Schlueter - August 3, 2022

Man, I missed the deadline. Ah well, it ended up starting a short story for me, so I can’t complain. Haven’t had a good bit of inspiration in ages, so thank you for that!

juhan - August 2, 2022

Alien Bugs would be the most honest and suitable name.

What is the alternative? Create a hint or synonym for some kind strong IP? Zerg, tyranid, gene-stealer?

I would reference them to Starship Troopers, but there they were also called Bugs I think.

Peter - August 2, 2022

Looking at them,they do not appear to be bipedal. How are they going to hold/ use weapons. Two extra limbs solve the problem unless you make the weapon a symbiotic/ parasitic bug variant attached to these large quadruped bugs.

Sean Zaleski - August 2, 2022

Originating from the Helix Spiral, the Jorogumo where one of the first species encountered by the young human empire. First encountered on the planet New Okinawa, the Jorogumo where named after japanese myth of a man eating spider demon. The marines that first encountered them used the direct translation of the name to describe the Jorogumo. While the direct translation was deemed unscientific the name Jorogumo stuck. Large forms of the species are called Tsuchigumo after another larger spider demon from japanese mythology.

Paul Mitting - August 1, 2022

Hey Caleb – I agree about the thin tips, but you could snip a mil or two from the end to give a flush gluing surface. It would simulate the razor sharp tips ‘sinking’ into the surface they are standing on, leaving any raised limbs with the sharp points where applicable.

Pierre - July 31, 2022

I agree with you, Caleb.

Here in Europe, we have very typical beetles as : “le lucane” (Lucanus Servus) and “le rhinocéros” (Oryctes Nasicornis)… and I know at least an asiatic variant, the Atlas beetle (Chalcosoma Atlas) : very impressive.

Horns, crests and infernal mandibles for armored variants and “specialists” ?

Caleb - July 31, 2022

I’m not sure how far along you are but those legs seem very tiny at the tips, the eventual connection point with a base. It seems like it wouldn’t make a very solid connection. I think some more sweeping head crests/horns and carapaces like different beetles would look cool as alternative parts as well. Or alternative limbs like crab claws.

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