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Contest: Name the Alien Bugs!

Contest: Name the Alien Bugs!

This post serves two purposes. First, we want to show off the aliens we've been working on! And second, we want you to name them and give them a backstory for Death Fields. The winner will officially be "The Namer", get their name on the box/descriptions, and take home 10 boxes of the charming little buggers. 

The three (or more you decide!) stages of bug life: egg, bug-ling, adult.

Bug 3/4 View

Bug Side View

Size Comparison 1

Size Comparison 2: you'll note that depending on the leg choices and positions they can be either closer to the ground or rearing/leaping/attacking as desired! 

If you'd like to submit your name and background ideas see below: 



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Felix Rivera - July 27, 2022

I really like the look of these creatures can’t wait to get some and paint them up. And use them to play
In many scenarios.

Michael - July 27, 2022

I hope those little bugs are face hugger sized. I’m looking forward to some wild predators for alien planets.

Jack Hindmarsh - July 26, 2022

The only good bug…

FrankR - July 26, 2022

WOW… great bugs… I like them…

Great work guys… perfect job.

Benjamin Hayward - July 26, 2022

Aw, sweet, this’ll be fun! Good luck fellow entrants; can’t wait to see what y’all come up with!

Andrew McColl - July 26, 2022

James, they’re the new Ooh Rah kit. Think US Marines… in spaaaaaace.

Paul Mitting - July 26, 2022

Those beasties look awesome! They will make an excellent opponent for my sci-fi and fantasy games. Can’t wait to get some Ooh-Rah as well to take them on.

Daniel T. Lillis - July 25, 2022

They look awesome, thanks for the chance to name them, please keep up the great work folks, please stay safe and healthy too.

James - July 25, 2022

What minis are those in the size comparison?

Rick, The Grumpy Gnome - July 25, 2022

Great design and brilliant idea to involve the public in developing these models. I will be wanting some of these for sure.

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