Day 3 - Bases!

Day 3 - Bases!

We're pretty happy with how these turned out. Something a little different but possibly quite useful for those of you who want: 

A. low profile (only 2mm)

B. want to magnetize

C. have figures with both integral puddle bases and flat feet

Launching pre-orders today for our new 25mm Dual Use Bases! Check them out here!

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Stephen Sutton - March 24, 2022

I think bases are too often overlooked as part of a model, so it’s nice to see some innovation in that space.

Red Bee - March 23, 2022

Didn’t think you could add much to the world of bases, but these are pretty slick. Great job.

James C - March 23, 2022

Not the most exciting release ever but a very useful one.

I’ve been magnetizing more of my minis so having a nice plastic base that can have a push-fit magnet will be an appreciated change from the usual MDF bases!

I’ll certainly be picking up some of these, and a reasonable price too at £10 for 60.

Looking forward to seeing what surprises days 4 and 5 bring.

Colin Harpswell - March 23, 2022

Ben how f ing lazy are you mate? Click the bloody link.

Ben - March 23, 2022

How many are in a box?

Andrew - March 23, 2022

Yes! I’ve been waiting for these ever since the first announcement. This’ll make basing my minis way more convenient.

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