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Digital Painting Contest Winners!

Digital Painting Contest Winners!

We are pleased to announce the winners (and runners-up) for the painting contest hosted last month. The three winners will receive a custom sculpted head file of their choice while the runners-up will receive a plastic set of their choice! 



Georg Dierkes

Title: Bonnie and Clyde

Description: The famous gangster couple Bonnie and Clyde... as frogs... in space...

Bonnie is a digital kitbash consisting of a N’Glonhgk head and a Valkyrie body


David Sjoblom

Title: Classic Fantasy Heroes

Description: Could resist putting together some RPG heroes!

From left to right & what kits they're from:

  • Cleric; Orthodox Priests
  • Halfling thief; Dragon Hoard
  • Wizard; Fantasy Caravan & Monks
  • Dwarf Warrior; shortened Irish Chieftain
  • Sorcerer; Ottoman Noble Admirals
  • Ranger; European Peasants
  • Bard; European Peasants
  • Doggo; Farm Animals
  • Assassin; European Peasants, cloak from The Damned and the ears are custom
  • Barbarian; Dahomey Agojie
  • Monk; Fantasy Cultists
  • Elven Mage; European Peasants body, Monks arms, WW2 French Resistance head and custom ears


Kostas Paraskevopoulos

Stone Age

Here's my little caveman tribe, surviving another day!

There are a few conversions present, caveman wearing a bone necklace was printed slightly larger and had his spear replaced with a stone club. Primitive archer was printed mirrored, swapped arms, bow and arrows. Finally a simple hand swap on the leader.




Sci -Fi:

Tobias Voss

Title of entry - Frog Marines

Description of entry
And suddenly I felt the one comment I read, probably in MyMiniFactory: I did not know that I needed these, until I saw them...
Team of 5 Frogs, will become Elite Infantry in Xenos Rampant later on. Probably part of a intergalactic police force.


Marius Wego

Title: "Somewhere deep under the city..."

Sets used:

  • Cthulhu Cultists
  • Aztec Sacrifice
  • Classic Fantasy Amazons
  • Battle of Tollense Bridge
  • Sea Peoples


David Brault

Title: We storm the breach at dawn! 

Description: A group of serdengeçi (which loosely translates to the head who risk their heads) storming the breach of a Serbian or Hungarian fortress in the early morning hours after a successful sapping operation in exchange for double pay. Also a humble offering for WGA to keep the fantastic Ottoman sculpts coming.

Conversions: The only conversion is on the one carrying the long teber axe. I used Fireforge Russian arms (which scaled pretty well) and a Fireforge Bardiche from their accessories kits. The other change I make was scaling down the shield to 90%, although I might go even lower in the future as I like having less of the fig hidden behind it so that more the sculpt being visible.


Thank you to all who entered and congratulations to the winners! Please send us an email so we can contact you to arrange for your prizes! 

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Zack - September 16, 2023

These are all fantastic.

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