Follow The Damned Campaign Preview!

Follow The Damned Campaign Preview!

The full Damned Campaign Preview is now LIVE on Gamefound! Check out the Reward levels and the first stretch goals! If you follow the campaign and back it when it goes live you'll get a free 6-figure core Infantry frame! 

Backers will be able to take advantage of several amazing mix-and-match multi-box deals that save a ton off the future MSRP...AND unlocked stretch goals will add loads of free plastic sprues and free models and hard plastic textured bases as the campaign goes on! 

Our initial funding goal will unlock 4 hard plastic sets: Infantry, Command, Heavy Support Teams, and Brutes! Stretch goals will unlock 4 additional hard plastic sets: Hounds, Outriders, Artillery, and a multi-frame vehicle. There will also be extra sprues, multiple frames of various sized hard plastic textured bases, and if we get far enough several more full hard plastic sets! 

We also have a lot of fun little extras like the chance for backers to get their head sculpted to go on the sprue! 

So get over to our page on Gamefound, follow along, and get ready for the launch that's less than a week away! Remember if you follow along now and back it when it goes live you'll get a FREE sprue of The Damned Infantry! 

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Chris - May 22, 2023

Can’t wait to see how everything progresses!

Chris - May 22, 2023

Slightly disappointed in the outriders going to be horseback rather than bikes or such, but otherwise everything looks flawless! Can’t wait to see what the tanks and artillery will look like too.

Chris - May 22, 2023

Very interesting! Slightly disappointed the Outriders are going to be on horseback but I’m no doubt sure they’ll make a lot of other people happy. Everything else looks flawless though, can’t wait to see what the tanks are going to look like as well.

Drangir - May 22, 2023

Little anxious now as I’m really hyped on the cavalry set. Though with the add on of this sprue, I’d be set with all parts I need 🤔

anthony caryl - May 22, 2023

can’t wait

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