French Infantry (1916-1940) Frame 1 Layout

French Infantry (1916-1940) Frame 1 Layout

We are preparing for the release of the second set in our Great War range: French Infantry (1916-1940). Yes, you read that right! Because there were minimal differences between WW1 and early WW2 French uniforms we have added a second frame of parts to include 1940-appropriate rifles, carbines, smgs, and mgs along with packs and alternate heads. 

Here is the final layout in tooling for the first frame that includes all the bodies and WW1-specific parts: 

There will be five of this frame in each box along with five of the other sprue so you will have an exceptional number of parts and options. 

You'll be seeing more of this in the very near future. 

PS Part #83 is the VB rifle grenade attachment.

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Peter Clayton - April 9, 2021

These French look great. If you could look at WW1 Russians next that would be fantastic!

Lerdou-Udoy Pierre - April 5, 2021

And now… please, oh please ! russian WW1 infantry heads with papa(k)ha and peaked caps (french Adrian helmets are OK for the period). Steampunk style conversions in view !

A very good study of russian uniforms in 2 parts on > Russie, Armée impériale russe 1914-17. A lot of pictures and photographs of real equipments and soldiers, weapons, and so on (sommer and winter, from 1890 to 1930 less or more).
That’s in french, but not very hard to translate, I think.

“Bravo” for your great job : that’s new and refreshing !

Beau Shaver - April 5, 2021

I think the entire gaming community owes you guys a debt of gratitude for finally giving some attention to the French look and feel to sci-fi armies and historic ranges. French armies are grossly under represented on the table top outside the Napoleonic era. Plastic French kits are long over due. These look great.

Steven Sudnik - April 3, 2021

Looking great! Can’t wait to get my hands on this kit!

Shaun Gooch - April 3, 2021

Quelle suprise!
Not more cheese eating surrender monkeys(To quote grounds keeper Willie for a second.)

Seriously! What is it with you guys and your love affair with the French?

Not one, but two Grognards kits! Not one, but two sets of WWI/WW2 French!

Enough already! I’d swear you guys are being funded by the bank of France.

As a proud Englishman, and being from the nation who have fought virtually everyone on the planet and overcoming most of them.

We should have been your priority long before now. Tho, I hasten to add I jumped the gun here a little, before realising that you produced a fantastic set of Napoleonic Royal Green Jackets. (Riflemen to those unfamiliar with the regiment your box art depicts!)

Keep up the good work and produce Crimean War British Grenadier Guards. Please!!! Pretty Please with sugar on it!!!

Wargames Atlantic - April 3, 2021

Hi Si – neither – canteen.

Si - April 3, 2021

Part 84, breadbag or Santa beard?

Kilgore Lee - April 3, 2021

On ne passe pas!

Si - April 3, 2021

When’s the release date?

George Hogg - April 3, 2021

looking forward to doing french WW2 early to balance out my u s equipt french late troops\

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