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Great WW1 Vignettes

Great WW1 Vignettes

Tom Gilliland and Scot Doherty (Puresable Painting) have submitted some shots of our WW1 Germans. Scot is credited with the painting and Tom did the buildings, landscape, and photos. Well done guys! 


Get your own here!

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Y. Whateley - June 15, 2021

Great stuff, as always! Can’t wait to see WWI Americans (for ’20s pulp horror gaming mostly, but I think I could enjoy WWI historical gaming too), and I agree completely with the others about tanks.

This kit is really begging to be kitbashed into some sort of dystopian steampunk/dieselpunk sci-fi thing (there’s something thoroughly dystopian about the whole era, really, but the aesthetics for these figures – the gas masks, etc. – really fit in!)

I like the way Kevin thinks, regarding the ‘Land that Time Forgot’ scenario – come to think of it, Reaper’s got some great plastic dinosaurs, cavemen, and even a few megafauna, not to mention the usual assortment of fantasy monsters and Cthulhu beasties, which would fit right into a lost-world/Hollow Earth type of setting. The Frostgrave “Tribals” plastic minis kit would fit the setting as well.

Tanks? Maybe we need some U-boats and Zeppelins, too, to transport our hapless band of German adventurers into the savage and forbidden lost worlds of K’n-Yan, red-litten Yoth, and the eternally benighted pits of N’Kai beneath the Vaults of Zin…. The accursed serpent-men of Valusia, the spiders of Leng, and the abominable Sagoths are waiting!

Anyway, as historical figures alone, these are fantastic, and the dioramas are very well-done, it’s strangely powerful how they really capture the emotion of each subject!

Justin - June 14, 2021

I see lots of Great War Miniatures mixed in there. I have some myself, and the range mixes very well together with WGA plastic Germans.

Carl - June 13, 2021

We need WWI Tanks!

Carl - June 13, 2021

I like models and games related to World War I,Then I hope to see models like World War I tanks in the future!

Kevin Scrivner - June 12, 2021

You have both WW1 Germans and Lizard Men. And giant spiders. Those Dark Age Irish could probably be painted to look somewhat like cave men. Hmmm, where’s the “Land That Time Forgot” photo shoot? I’m sure you have a mini somewhere who could stand in for Doug McClure! 🙂

Brooks L Flugaur-Leavitt - June 11, 2021

Love the characterful poses and in-action shots!

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