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Heat 2: Round Number 3! (of 4)

Heat 2: Round Number 3! (of 4)

Happy Saturday and welcome to the 3rd Round of Heat 2 Voting for a new 28mm hard plastic set! In Heat 1 we took over 1400 set ideas down to 60 finalists. These 60 are now split between 4 Rounds of 15 in Heat 2. At the end we will have our Top 10 and one of those will be the ultimate winner of Heat 3. So vote for your favorites but don't waste any votes on ones you don't want in the final 10! 


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Danok_Delta - May 2, 2021

Les Grognards Cav would be great. Regardless of if they win or not I look forward to more options in the Death Fields line!

Arjan - May 2, 2021

Les Grognards cavalry please, this whould nicely round out my army.

russell mccaughan - May 1, 2021

Hi .how about some battle sets like Perry or games workshop.buuuuut not there ranges.I’m talking about 2 or 3 opposite factions.from sci fi to cavemen.I know you getting there.just think of the Alamo in 28mm with defenders and a whole range of Mexicans from army to peasants.gangsters and cops..Maori warriors with early nz army and settlers.boar war..lm not a sci fi fan but im sure that can be done with the lizardmen list is endless.keep up the good work

Frederik F. - May 1, 2021

Still obsessed with Zapatistas and 1870 Prussians/French. I must maintain hope.

M Fitzgerald - May 1, 2021

I’m surprised at what made it through, but at least the Ming are here!

Saul Tigh - May 1, 2021

Too bad the results aren’t real time, so we can see who is winning.
Having input to help pick the next set is cool! Thanks, Wargames Atlantic!

George - May 1, 2021

Would love to see sci-fi jungle fighter to come in, the plastic wh40k set is poor and would be good to have a better alternative to a set that looks like they are made of play-doh

Montezuma - May 1, 2021

Oh my goodness, Ming and winged hussars in plastic would be a blessing.

skip - May 1, 2021

MING! The hobby needs them!

Travis L Price - May 1, 2021

Could those sci fi scouts have something in there like a vindicare assassin/snake eyes/splinter cell type dude. Love to have some sleek operatives all pouched up with a cool mask.

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