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Heat 3: The Top 12! Voting Ends Friday at 4PM EST

Heat 3: The Top 12! Voting Ends Friday at 4PM EST

And here we are! After over 1400 submissions, tens of thousands of votes, and two Heats with a total of 10 Rounds we are down to the Top 12! (Originally we were going to do a Top 10, but with 4 Rounds in the last Heat we took the Top 3 from each)

The results follow what we know of wargaming trends in general (as depicted in the annual Great Wargaming Survey by WSS Magazine) and we've skewed heavily into sci-fi, some fantasy, and a smattering of historical (if moderns can be considered historical). 

We're excited to see what comes out on top! 12 of you have won a box of miniatures and we'll be reaching out to those winners over the next few days as we determine who was the first to submit the ideas. 

In the meantime,  get your votes in! We will leave voting open for a few days. Voting ends 4pm EST Friday May 7.


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Axel - May 11, 2021

(sorry, forgot to put that in the first line of my recent posting)

Apart from that: Any idea when the results get published?

Axel - May 11, 2021

If you have never been on the end of an internet fraud you can lay back and claim “open for all” is “inclusive”. Good for you, and good for any internet review that was not your responsibility. Some people care about the quality of the data they raise, especially when they put money on the table to make it economic feasable.

My main point was, however, not about that aspect or your criticims of it, but that you had to assume low intend by me, or calling others “petulant childs”. Getting abusive of others and assuming “bad faith” tells more of you then of those you comment upon.

>If the result does not go your way. You cannot demand that the process is changed
By happenstance, my suggestion made it into the last round. So your claim was most certainly not my motivation, especially as I suggested this BEFORE, not AFTER the results came out. This imputation is exactly what is NOT necessary nor productive in a debate.
Going on the same level I could have claimed that you defend “free access” just to push your suggestion – which I did not. Its absurd. Just as your claim.

Apart from that… eagerly waiting for the results :-)

Shaun Gooch - May 9, 2021

Directed at Axel.

I stand by my original comments directed towards you.

The bottom line with yourself and your so called expertise. Is . It ends up as a form of Freedom with your exception. That ultimately limits others ability to participate.

Thankfully! WA are about inclusivity rather than ‘Voting Conspiracies’.

Which is championed by most here.

I’m a no nonsense Englishman, who speaks his mind and will not apologise for doing so.

Especially when confronted with ideals that ultimately harm others ability to participate.

We are ultimately talking about plastic toys here, and not who will be head of state.

As I’ve stated and championed here.

A truly free and open to all vote is fair to everyone.

If the result does not go your way. You cannot demand that the process is changed in order to skew voting in your desired direction.

Aaron F - May 9, 2021

Thank you for the opportunity to make a suggestion and vote. I think it was a lot of fun and I hope you do it again soon. I definitely think the release of Stargrave influenced my voting.
Thanks again.

Axel - May 8, 2021

@Shaun → Heat 2/4

robert nijkamp - May 8, 2021

I’ve have a few questions and I would like ask.

- what does modern generic infantry mean exactly . does this mean Cold war or 2000’s onwards.
- if Could war than please do consider weapons like the Uzi, Fn Fal , HK MP5 and G3 as well.
- would such a set also being followed up by a set containing support weapons
and as far as cyberpunk stuff goes please do include cyberams \ legs , wants and computer decks as well so that the might be used for Shadowrun as well

Mark Sycamore - May 7, 2021

Great idea to have some customer participation. Very disappointing that some of the great historical options never made it through

robert nijkamp - May 7, 2021

I had high hopes for some of the Historical stuff . esspecialy the Egytians because at the moment they are only produced as metal figures. but I can live with generic modern infantry and cyberpunk\ post apocalyptic

Frontis - May 7, 2021

As others have stated – simple majority vote is the name of the game. I’m sorry that some of my suggestions never even got to a vote. Like everyone else, I have my preferences and biases.

The business model is obviously how much it costs to put together a kit versus projected sales. If the ROI supports, it would have been welcome to have different categories but that’s all 20/20. Only one item here I would purchase. I hope their regular product line continues to produce items to buy and am looking forward to seeing what the end result for this vote will be.

Also an interesting social experiment!

Wolfram Adam - May 7, 2021

Super 👌

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