Horses Hot Off the Press!

Horses Hot Off the Press!

The T1 (first test shot) of the new horse and base frames is off the press. We'll have more to say (and show) about the bases later, but these horses will be used in a variety of upcoming cavalry sets including the Afghan Cavalry. 

The horses have been designed so that any left half will work with any right giving you 9 unique combinations. 36 if you include the 4 heads in the equation. And lots more once you position one of the 3 tails in various ways! 

Although they share a mold with the 25mm bases the two have nothing to do with one another in case you were wondering! 

We have other horse types in the works as these are not appropriate for every kind of breed and furniture but we will also most likely be making these available to purchase separately. Would you like to be able to purchase them separately in their own box? Let us know in the comments below. 


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Lord Hill - December 17, 2021

I think a box of generic plastic horses STANDING (rather than galloping) would sell extremely well. Every army from the English Civil/Thirty Years War through the Seven Years/AWI, into Napoleonic, Crimean, AWI, Franco Prussian, Boer War/other Colonial Wars, right through WW1 and up to WW2 Wehrmacht needs MASSES of horses for artillery, baggage, and a dozen other uses.
I for one would buy hundreds of standing horses so I could convert them to my Napoleonic needs. A simple square saddlecloth would be fine or maybe a pointed option (is that possible?)

John Harrel - December 17, 2021

Looks good. However round bases? I mount all my cavalry on 25mmX50mm bases for HC and related rules. No need for extra round bases.

Brandon Chamberlain - December 17, 2021

I love the idea of both sprues and boxes of horses. I’d like to see bare horses (no saddle, girth or bridle and Napoleonic type bridles. Some of your competitors’ horse poses absolutely suck and I’d love to replace.

Harold - December 17, 2021

Yes, sprues of horses, please!

Nicholas - December 17, 2021

These are GREAT horses! Kudos to the modeler!

Alex Taylor - December 17, 2021

I’ll add my voice to the clamour asking to buy individual sprues! :)

Scott H. - December 16, 2021

While I might be interested in a box set, I would definitely be interested in individual sprues.

Easy to just add one or two on to an order, plus saves the cost of additional packaging/printing.

Andrew - December 16, 2021

I think it’s nice to have the option to buy a sprue of horses on their own. They might make good pasture horses or be good bases from which to build fantastical horse creatures like unicorns or nightmares.

Irvin Goron - December 16, 2021

Yes i would be very interested in purchasing these in a stand alone box or as separate sprues. The simple harness means these are extremely versatile and suitable for many periods. They would provide a very useful adjunct to existing sets with limited variety in terms of cavalry mounts.

Axel - December 15, 2021

Plenty of bases already on the market. I know that I will not swap from my Renedra bases to any different system, especially since I have sabot templates for these for my 3d printer. It it pays off, go that road…

On the four legged question:
I am definitely interested in getting a unit builder of horses – I am just not sure wether it would be paying off, as the majority will probably not go for horses on their own.

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