Horses Hot Off the Press!

Horses Hot Off the Press!

The T1 (first test shot) of the new horse and base frames is off the press. We'll have more to say (and show) about the bases later, but these horses will be used in a variety of upcoming cavalry sets including the Afghan Cavalry. 

The horses have been designed so that any left half will work with any right giving you 9 unique combinations. 36 if you include the 4 heads in the equation. And lots more once you position one of the 3 tails in various ways! 

Although they share a mold with the 25mm bases the two have nothing to do with one another in case you were wondering! 

We have other horse types in the works as these are not appropriate for every kind of breed and furniture but we will also most likely be making these available to purchase separately. Would you like to be able to purchase them separately in their own box? Let us know in the comments below. 


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FrankR - December 15, 2021

That looks very interesting… and I like the idea from Stephen Butler to sold the separately from their riders… now we need a box of bavarian officers and cavalry for the bavarian infanteriy-box for the franco-germen war 1871… and wie need french troops…

Daniel T. Lillis - December 15, 2021

Love them great Idea, would like to know are you going to make them in like light horses, and heavy horse’s options. With different blankets, saddles, and armor to be added to plain horse frame? Now the bases will they be flat like Renedra bases or more like GW rased bases, I love to whay my plastic mini’s down with and American copper penny so they do not fall over and from the looks they are not slanted or sloted perfect. If your plan works out will we be able to buy them in bulk to field all our minis on them. Thank you, Folks, for everything you have done over this short time for the collectors/gamers like me who prefer hard plastic to resin /metal minis.

John - December 14, 2021

You guys waited to long to start making bases. Shoulda dropped those resources on more sets. Been waiting LITERALLY YEARS for more blood oaths…
Anyway, the horses sound awesome.

Emiel - December 14, 2021

I would definetly like to buy them seperatly. But there will be a problem finding legs that fit on them.

David Phillips - December 14, 2021

so wait why have a base on the mold then

Peter - December 14, 2021

Would be great to be able to buy either as individual spruces or in a box as long as the price is reasonable for the number of horses.

Stephen Butler - December 14, 2021
I would like to buy them with riders and separately in their own box.
Hondo - December 14, 2021

Nice, I hope to see skeletton horses someday

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