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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


Horses Previewed: Poll and Prizes!

Horses Previewed: Poll and Prizes!

The upcoming Afghan Cavalry set will mark the first use of our generic horses. We decided early that having plain horses that come with a simple saddle blanket could form the foundation of a lot of cavalry sets.

In some cases in future sets we may add unique horse heads, saddles, and other equipment to the rider sprues to customize those sets. And in other cases we will need to have completely different horses in the set (for example for smaller or larger breeds or horse armor that can't be added as separate pieces)

Here's an image showing the sprue layout and one of the first painted versions by Matthew Leahy: 

There are 6 halves that are interchangeable with separate heads (4) and tails (3) so that you can achieve a large number of combinations and have a good variety of poses for your units. 

We've been debating internally about selling the horses separately for those who either want to convert over from metal ones and save some weight or have extra riders (or want to convert riders). To that end we have a poll - fill it in and leave your email (optional) for a chance to win a box of figures. 



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Anjin Miura - July 24, 2021

you guys haven’t slept on your sculpts.
everything I’ve seen from this kit looks GREAT
looking forward to more amazing stuff from y’all
I’m deeply invested in building out my sci-fi minis right now for the game I’m making so I’m pretty glued to Death Fields(and spiders) rn but when I’ve finally got the space to expand my horizons I’ve got a few ideas I’ll definitely be using your other ranges for.
Shout out to Pete the Wargamer and Rob Baer for introducing me to the work of Wargames Atlantic!

Murray Fish - July 23, 2021

Great idea. Perhaps to supplement this have sprues with different horse head options, e.g. Gas mask, a variety of chamfrons and even ‘alien’ heads (I’m thinking the Brian Bolland-drawn ‘slay riders’ in Judge Dredd in the Cursed Earth here).

Another welcome option woudl be different riding legs to go astride the horse, maybe basic ‘trooper’ legs, something ‘ancient’, something sci-fi based and some civilian type legs That’d make these very useful for all sorts of conversions/kit bashes.

PEter - July 23, 2021

Great news,saves me waiting for Warlord to have a sprue sale and paying crazy postage.

Martin Cloutier - July 23, 2021

Hope you do this guys!

Andrew - July 23, 2021

Some standing horses would be useful, for use when the cavalry / dragoons dismount, and also useful for officers who may look odd on a more dynamic horse.

Jules Moles - July 23, 2021

Simply. It’s a good idea as it fills a gap in the ‘I need ed’ bits box.. We all have bits boxes and a set of 12 generic horses would go down very well as an affordable ‘extra’. I know I would need these as Im always looking at changing some figures that need remount. Plastic Brits for Anglo Zulu wars as mounted Infantry for instance. You could also do a kit with multiple mounted lower legs for conversion work which would again see people buying for the bits boxes. If you do do this I have a feeling it would work well like your unit builders. Don’t forget to model the saddles as part of the legs to suit the period/style though ;)

Christopher Jarratt - July 23, 2021

Generic horses are useful for things like artillery lumbers. I could see a use for a generic pack

Brooks L Flugaur-Leavitt - July 23, 2021

Really like the idea of a generic horse set. As others have said, plain legs would be a worthy addition to decrease the effort required to convert them, but even without those they’re an attractive option, esp. for horse-holders.

Alexander State - July 23, 2021

I would appreciate a sprue of horses and also some generic mounted legs too, especially if the horses reins can be easily removed to make some wild mustangs.

Anna Leas - July 23, 2021

Id like to see Prussian uhlans, too!

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