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Horses Previewed: Poll and Prizes!

Horses Previewed: Poll and Prizes!

The upcoming Afghan Cavalry set will mark the first use of our generic horses. We decided early that having plain horses that come with a simple saddle blanket could form the foundation of a lot of cavalry sets.

In some cases in future sets we may add unique horse heads, saddles, and other equipment to the rider sprues to customize those sets. And in other cases we will need to have completely different horses in the set (for example for smaller or larger breeds or horse armor that can't be added as separate pieces)

Here's an image showing the sprue layout and one of the first painted versions by Matthew Leahy: 

There are 6 halves that are interchangeable with separate heads (4) and tails (3) so that you can achieve a large number of combinations and have a good variety of poses for your units. 

We've been debating internally about selling the horses separately for those who either want to convert over from metal ones and save some weight or have extra riders (or want to convert riders). To that end we have a poll - fill it in and leave your email (optional) for a chance to win a box of figures. 



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Darren James Richardson - July 23, 2021

I voted “By the sprue” mostly because you’ll likely only need one or two horses for a restoration project of old minis and will struggle to make use of the other 10 or 22…..

Joekr - July 23, 2021

The idea of generic horses is wonderful.

My suggestion: Also make a sprue as an option with standing horses. Not everyone is running around the battlefield.

patrick - July 23, 2021

I’d want about 12 to make a few pack horses for D&D and a few generic horses for pulling limber in Bolt Action. The added saddlebags, and a bed roll would be ideal.

Charles Stevens - July 23, 2021

Horses would useful for troops who fight dismounted. Therefore a horse holder figure with say dragoon’s dismounted figures would add to the feel of a game. The horses usually provided with cavalry figures might not suit.
It would also mean you don’t have unwanted cavalry figures, so a unit would be the mounted cavalry, the dis mounted fighters, and the horses. To replicate this would mean a substantial number of unwanted mounted figures.

AwkwardHugz - July 23, 2021

At least one other person has mentioned this, but if the generic horses came with some generic legs to help with conversion, it would be an easy buy. Otherwise, no interest.

steve armstrong - July 23, 2021

Maybe make the horses usable for centaurs ?

Aindriu O'Meara - July 23, 2021

I personally wouldn’t buy horses without riders unless they were mounting something else like heavy packloads.

The reason being you’re almost always going to need a pair of legs to mount a rider. Therefore at most I’d suggest providing generic horses with some generic legs so people can convert and mount their own torsos

Phil - July 23, 2021

I would love to see some sets of these to match your death fields lines, nothing sounds cooler than a sci-fi rendition of Napoleon’s cuirassiers running down your foes along side your Les Grognards forces. Dragoon and lancer options would be awesome too, I would buy those in a heart beat!

emiel - July 23, 2021

are the torso pieces of Afghan Cavalry fixed to the legs if they are seperate it would be an easy way to use them as a starting point for any conversion

emiel - July 23, 2021

just adapting legs alone to fit these sounds like fun the hobby knife is ready
I look forward to trying it out

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