Lizardmen in the Grand Canyon by Dicky Boyd

Lizardmen in the Grand Canyon by Dicky Boyd

Dicky Boyd Builds on Facebook has taken his world of Ancient Egyptian Lizardmen in the Grand Canyon to new levels! Check out the work on Facebook and here: 

"Deep in the Grand Canyon, ancient machines worked tirelessly to create a lush, steamy atmosphere that encouraged the growth of dense vegetation. It reminded them of their days in Egypt, on the banks of the Nile . New Kemet was a wonder to behold and testament to the power of the ancient ones."

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Y. Whateley - September 17, 2021

Steve – September 15, 2021 “No news in 2 weeks, I’m getting worried…”

No need to worry – there was an email newsletter update last week, plus a number of updates to the Release Schedule page over the last couple weeks – looks like there’s a load of stuff in the works, including no less than 11 secret sets in production, further production work on some upcoming sets that have been teased a while (such as the boxers), a few upcoming sets that haven’t been getting much spotlight yet (like the Sepoy Indian Rebellion sets), some teaser screenshots of things like posed trolls and what appear to be a robot or cyborg science fiction set, plus tons more.

Wargames Atlantic also mentioned that they have some big news that they’re excited about sharing, and which they’re hoping they can announce this week.

Wargames Atlantic appear to have been pretty busy over the last two weeks! :)

Steve - September 15, 2021

No news in 2 weeks, I’m getting worried…

Derek J Krumel - September 13, 2021

lol all the people from the group coming to congratulate Dicky on making the news page

that is also what I am here for


Si - September 4, 2021

Amazing work

Simon Gaudin - September 4, 2021

Bravo old chap, the best models encourage creativity and fun & this is a lovely example

Y. Whateley - September 3, 2021

Fantastic and quite imaginative work – I love this sort of pulp/weird subject matter!

Mike - September 3, 2021

Amazing work! Brings them to life… so imaginative

Clive Duerden - September 3, 2021

Fantastically fantastic work, Dicky! Only a matter of time before explorers come looking in the Badlands … what happens next? Who are their (un)natural enemies? There will be blood …

Anthony Caryl - September 3, 2021


Grant - September 3, 2021

Jolly good job, Dicky!

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