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March Theme Winner!

March Theme Winner!

Your votes are in and we have a winner for our March Theme on Atlantic Digital Tribes: All Things Asia! 

This will be similar to what we did in January for All Things Africa! with Asian themed sets for all 11 of our ranges: Death Fields, Classic Fantasy, First Empires, Decline and Fall, Blood Oaths, Renaissance, Napoleon's Wars, Imperial Conquests, The Great War, World Ablaze, and General Accoutrements. 

Let us know in the comments below what kind of sets you'd like to see for this theme! 


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Guy - February 27, 2024

i hope the imperial conquests entry will be either bosin war cavalry or artillery and for decline and fall to be the “lost legion in china”

Ryan - February 25, 2024

Imperial Conquests: Release your Early 20th Century Japanese in plastic! They look great!
Great War: Siberian intervention Japanese in winter gear
World Ablaze: Imperial Japanese Army troops, Second Sino-Japanese War. Not many plastic options for these out there. Or IJA Cavalry would be cool.

Dom - February 14, 2024

Would love to see a second ancient Indian set – those nudging from a single pack towards a genuine army would be amazing – cavalry, spearmen, or if feeling ambitious a chariot or an elephant would be amazing.

Brian R. Van De Walker - February 10, 2024

Awesome, love seeing more Asian minis in Wargaming:

Classic Fantasy – Oni would be my first choice but those South East themed elves we talked about in the forums would be awesome too. I could add others but those two would work for a number of different fantasy rule sets and be fun.

First Empires – either Indian Infantry, Early Koreans that would work with Warring State Chinese, the Xiongnu, or if we want to be really out there the Sham Dynasty.

Decline and Fall- Three Kingdoms China or Huns.

Blood Oaths – Do either Three Kingdoms Korea Goguryeo infantry or horse slaying sword armed Tang Dynasty Chinese.

Renaissance – one of the Malay kingdom troops form the Castilian War or Moro would work best with what you have in plastic. But musketeers for the Vietnamese succession war would be cool too.

Napoleon’s Wars-South East Asian pirates, Dutch colony troops, or steppe mercenary horse archers.

Imperial Conquests – Jōshitai (Girls’ Army) or Sepoy wars loyalist Sheiks

The Great War-Japanese Naval men or Chinese Native colonial troops of the German army.

World Ablaze-While the Japanese School Girls in early Showa school uniforms with guns suggestion does sound fun, I think Axis aligned Thailand Troops would be better or some sort of tankette for the Warlord Chinese.

Death Fields – hmm, hear me out but how about wushu themed evil Space Elves with the suggesting that they are the other half of that cult the Damned where a part of which was actually some heretical Neo-Taoist cult (with all the Chinese webtoon tropes except as Sci-Fi like sword shaped hoverboards or alchemist pill cultivation except with injections) and call them the “Xian” (immortals) or something. (just fan fiction thoughts here)

General Accoutrements – Its the Year of the Dragon so do a stone Dragon statue as terrain or a model depiction of the Dragon Dance.

jugu - February 6, 2024

Huns. Obviously. Huns huns huns.

Adrian - February 6, 2024

The monkey king or monkey warriors from journey to the west would be amazing for classic fantasy

Brad - February 5, 2024

South East Asian Elves!

Nick - February 5, 2024

First Empires: – Seleucid Elite Pikemen/Royal Guard – Argyraspides/“Silvershield” Pikemen
– Thureophoroi
– Thorakitai (imitation Legionaries)
– Seleucid (Scythed) Chariots
– Mercenary Cretan Archers
– Mercenary heavy Galatian infantry

Liz - February 4, 2024

Ainu people would be really cool to see

James Barnaby - February 4, 2024

Mongols/ Timurids/ general Central Asian Turkic troops for blood oaths/ Reniassance.
Mythological creatures for classic fantasy e.g. kappa or oni.

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