Napoleonics in the Wash

Napoleonics in the Wash

Although we had previously shown off the Spanish, our first two Napoleonic releases are something different. As we've mentioned before, until we put something on pre-order the schedule can adjust because of changes to layouts, re-sculpting, room on specific molds, and other things that crop up.

This kind of delay has happened to the Spanish. They are still on the way just taking a bit longer than we planned. In the meantime, other Napoleonic projects have leaped ahead. One is finished in tooling this week and the box is designed. The other is in the final stages before going to tooling and those parts are in the picture above. These are 3D prints being washed to go to the painter. And Peter Dennis has just delivered the illustration for that box today.

What are you you ask? We're not telling just yet. But if all goes to plan you'll be seeing them in your friendly local game shop in January or February.

Tell us below in the comments what Napoleonic subjects you'd like us to tackle.

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Jim L - December 14, 2020

I’d like to see a nice set of realistic 19th c. Native Americans for Plains Wars ie: Lakota, Blackfeet, Cheyenne, Crow, etc. Other companies make packs of generic Native American “characters” that lack authenticity.

Joe McGinn - December 1, 2020

I’m thinking these are Dutch -Belgians, and if they are they’ll be great for the list for Sharp Practice I’ve got!!

David C Powers - November 18, 2020

Polish infantry, Vistula and others

Stefano - November 17, 2020

Dutch/Belgians and militia.

Stefano - November 17, 2020

Dutch/Belgians and militia.

Patrick Ahern - November 16, 2020

Dutch Belgians for 1815, line and militia huge whole in the 1815 plastics ranges or proper 1815 Hanoverians there were 17 battalions at waterloo.French line lancers would be nice as well. A plastic multi part command and casualties box might be cool for something outside the box

Walter Kraus - November 16, 2020

Russians for the Russian-Swedish War of 1808

Ian Spence - November 14, 2020

American AWI or Napoleonic civilians or Spanish Guerilla Cavalry. Don’t forget the Afghan Cavalry to go with the superb foot box.

Alan McNair - November 14, 2020

Napoleonic Dutch/Belgium. 95th Rifles.

Tom Halpin - November 13, 2020

Berg lancers, please!

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