New Plastic Set - Goblins!

New Plastic Set - Goblins!

The Halfling Militia is tired of being called out to fight off the undead and are keen to get stuck in on their ages-old enemy: Goblins!

Here is the new art by Peter Dennis:

And here's a render of one of the assembly options:

These are just getting laid out for tooling so we don't have the final part counts yet, but we'll let you know when we do. No release date but they should be with us this summer.

This set will also have parts that will allow you to build optional Goblin riders along with a saddle suitable to use with our Giant Spiders kit coming around the same time.

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Samuel Moffat - August 16, 2021

Look fantastic, your a great company!👍

Rick - August 6, 2021

It’s been a year and a month since this article. Any idea when these are being released yet?

Johnathan A Cuda - July 24, 2021

Is there any new information on this set. It sounds awesome and a good plastic set of goblins is lacking currently. All we got is those terrible gw grots and Northstars orcs which they are calling goblins.

Jamie - July 22, 2021

Looking forward to these……..

Andrew Mckay - July 6, 2021

Was wondering when the goblins would be available to purchase.
Kind regards

Marc - October 7, 2020

Hi there- any update on the release date for these please? They look great!

Wargames Atlantic - July 12, 2020

Hi Andrea – they are slightly taller than the Halflings but not by much

andrea rovati - July 12, 2020

Are the goblins “human sized” or smaller?
I mean, halfling size?

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