New Set Announcement: British Infantry (1916-1918)

New Set Announcement: British Infantry (1916-1918)

We can present the first batch of sculpts for the next set in our Great War range: British Infantry (1916-1918)! 

(open image in a new tab for a close up)

This is where we are in the sculpting process. We have some more arms and another body pose to do.

These could also be useful for the pre-war period, the interwar period (VBCW anyone?), and with a bit of squinting even into WW2! (Although probably better left to our World Ablaze range!)

Let us know what you think of them below and we will continue to move them along! Which WW1 set should we tackle next? Post your thoughts and maybe we can have a poll on it.

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Thomas Klingman - October 19, 2021

Is there any possibility that Wolseley Pith Helmets couch be included for use in 3rd Afghan War or other mid-war Colonial theaters…

Alex - October 12, 2021

Cavalry sets for all armies as well as heavy weapons (machine gun, mortar, artillery cannon) would be great

Alex Perez - September 22, 2021

I love it! I’ve been wanting WW1 miniatures in plastic and now we have three of the most important armies! I’m very excited. Great job.

AJ - September 1, 2021

Terrific to see the WW1 range expand! Agree with the comment to add some helmets by themselves, also some helmets with burlap covers for mid to late war. Maybe a head with gas mask and no helmet. Maybe add a fig in leather jerkin or goat skin for cold weather. Also, the 08 gear seems pulled back a little far under the arms and away from the front buckle. It was typically worn more pulled in towards the buckle. Would love to see some WW1 winter uniformed troops. Very few of those available by any companies. Terrific work, I’m sold,

Jason Mortimore - August 24, 2021

Look good. Is there an officer option? Like the Indian troops heads. Could slouch hats be an option? Kilted highlanders and KD sets would be great.

Cody Weaver - August 24, 2021






Ian Hannant - August 23, 2021

Small niggles, but pertinent – the Holster is the wrong type, since it appears to be for the M1911. Too many Lewis Guns for a typical Platoon. Some Helmets covered in Hessian/Burlap would cover later war.

Blecao - August 23, 2021

Well the next should be austrohungarian or russian, while i love austrohungarian i think that they want to have more than one war to make the posible sells bigger so i think that the russians are a better option

John Hewitt - August 21, 2021

Loving the look of these, they would do great for Home Guard units in Bolt Action. Actually, any chance of including a couple of BREN guns on the sprue ( even at the cost of a couple of the lewis guns ) and they would fit right into early WW2 BEF in France.

Looking again at thr image, I can’t get over the feeling that those attatched bayonets look awfully fragile. Though I guess they are easy enough to remove with a knife.

L RAFFLES - August 21, 2021

Bare heads , some with gas masks would be good , also perhaps , some helmets on their own …

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